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Carousel CAL – part three


I finished part three last weekend but have only just managed to get a photo of it. It’s getting a bit large to photograph now, especially if I want natural light. I had to spread it out on the bed and stand on the bed to get the shot. Can’t wait to take the next photo when it’s even bigger 😉

Part three was pentagons and again we used the join as you go method which I’m really liking. No assembly will be needed for this project – hooray! I loved the design of the pentagons with the raised ring in the centre and the colour mixes are so pretty.

carousel-04Not the best photo as it does need blocking. I’m going to wait until it’s finished for that although I’ve no idea how. I may have to invest in some larger blocking mats, but it’s finding somewhere to block it where the cats can’t get at it.

I’m currently working on part four which is hexagons. They’re bigger than the pentagons but are just as lovely.


Author: Carole

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13 thoughts on “Carousel CAL – part three

  1. This is a real beauty Carole. The colours, the design, everything 🙂


  2. Wow! I have been out of the loop for a bit and look at what you have crocheted! I love it! So beautiful.


  3. this is looking gorgeous, Carole. I sure hope it isn’t destined to become a cat blanket!


  4. Have you got a spare bedroom you could kick the kitties out of? Thats probably your best bet


  5. This is gorgeous. Love seeing your progress pictures. I crochet but this is way out of my range right now.


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