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Disney – The journey


Hakuna Matata. That’s our motto for the moment. We’ve had one or two problems but we’re here and we’re determined to have fun.

The first interesting thing to happen was when I tried to check in for our flights online and it wouldn’t let me check in for the Dublin to Orlando flight, although it did let me check Stephen in and both of us for the flight into Dublin. I was a bit worried about that but there were no problems at the airport. They handed over my boarding pass for the second flight to go with the ones that I’d printed out, so all was well.

The flight into Dublin was fine. We had second breakfast at The Slaney in the airport lounge and then had a stroll round the lounge. I looked longingly at this place but resisted the lure of the yummy chocolates.

butlersWhen directed, we strolled down to pre-clearance for the US. This was when it got interesting again. Apparently I don’t look like my passport photo so not only did I get a very thorough pat down, all my belongings got one too. All my electronics had to be switched on and swabbed and my hands got swabbed as well. The security staff were lovely though and we had a nice chat about our cats while my bags were being done. No complaints – I’m all for security being thorough.

Our flight was a few minutes late taking off but otherwise boarding went smoothly and we were soon in the air and on our way to Orlando. On Aer Lingus you can pay about £15 to have a relatively decent meal with proper china and cutlery. Also you get served first so we’d paid up and were looking forward to it. I’d read that the meals were ok and that it was worth doing so I’d ordered salmon for me and chicken for Stephen.

Stephen’s meal arrived and it didn’t look too bad. He tucked in and I sat waiting for mine. There was a delicious smell of salmon in the air and it was making me hungry. Then they started handing out the meals to everyone else and I got a sinking feeling that I wasn’t getting fed. I was right. There was no salmon for me. They managed to find me a chicken meal, without the yummy pudding, but I was a bit peeved about having paid for something that I didn’t get.

The rest of the flight went fine. Stephen watched films, I read, did puzzles and napped, and we landed an hour before the scheduled time. We had to wait quite a while for our luggage but speeded through checking in for the Magical Express and were soon at Disney’s Beach club.

Our villa has been refurbed and looks great.

The bedroom now has a larger tv, which is on the wall rather than in a cabinet.

bedroom bedroom1There are also more plug sockets and they’re more easily accessible. They’ve put USB sockets with them as well which is brilliant. No iPod dock/alarm clock though. They’ve gone.

The lovely whirlpool bath has gone too, and has been replaced by a normal bath. That’s a shame but the new one does look nice.

bathThe shower is smaller but still plenty big enough and the new sink looks good.

showerThe kitchen looks much fresher and the TV in the lounge area is huge.

lounge kitchenSo, that’s our home for the next week. We do have one other problem though. My back has been playing up for a couple of weeks and it suddenly got a lot worse on Monday. By the time I was trying to get ready for the taxi to the airport, it was the worst it’s ever been. For a while I thought we might have to cancel so you can tell how bad it was for me to even consider that. Stephen is hobbling about as he’s twisted his knee so between us we’re a right pair of geriatrics.

We’re going to tone down our plans for the next few days and hope that some rest, some deep heat cream and painkillers will ease our aching bones. I’m sure we’ll still have fun, just not as energetically as usual.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Disney – The journey

  1. Hope things get back to normal quick so you can enjoy your time!


  2. I hope the pain subsides so you can get out and enjoy your trip

    The new bath looks nice. I never really liked the whirlpool baths so I like those. I wonder if the have put them in the Boardwalk as well?

    Is there still a window into the bedroom? Or has the whole area been redesigned.


    • Thanks. It’s at its worst in the morning and eases through the day. Some late starts for us methinks.

      The shuttered window has gone too. It does look nicer and nice idea though it was, I never really used it.

      The new carpet in the hallways is lovely. The whole place looks fresher.


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