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Disney – day one


Places – Animal Kingdom.
Restaurants – Sanaa.
Steps – 18,839.

Last time we were here neither of us had Fitbits so I’m fascinated to see just how many steps we do in a day. I thought it’d be fun to record that in the posts and I was gobsmacked to see how many I did today considering my back is still quite bad and Stephen’s knee is no better. I do that many on a work day but that usually involves lots of running back and forth. Can’t wait to see how many we do once we feel more energetic!

This holiday was carefully planned so that our first full day would fall on my birthday. I love spending it here, and intended to do early entry at my favourite place on the planet – Animal Kingdom, and eat at my favourite restaurant – Sanaa. However, this did not go entirely to plan as early entry did not happen. We got up in time but it took rather a long time to get ready. It’s not easy to get dressed when you can’t bend enough to reach your feet 😉

We did get to the park eventually and made it for our first FastPass of the day which was The Lion King show. Not a bad way to start the day actually as it’s such an amazing show. Our next FP was for the Safari and much as I love that, I decided to be sensible and skip it. It’s very bumpy and jolty and could have made my back a lot worse. I gave Stephen the choice of going on if he wanted and said I’d sit and have a coffee. He said he’d wait until we could go on together so we had a coffee while we thought about what to do next.

We decided to skip our last FP and have a slow stroll instead. Expedition Everest isn’t as bumpy but probably wasn’t advisable. Sometimes being sensible is not much fun at all. Still, I love Animal Kingdom for the animals and atmosphere so it was still lovely to have a wander round to visit the tigers and gorillas. We found this chap having a nice rest in the heat. Did I mention it got to 84°?

gorillaWe had a nice lunch in the new Harambe Marketplace. I had the All-beef gyro flatbread and Stephen had the beef and pork sausage in a curried batter. Both came with Green Papaya Slaw and Black-Eyed Pea Salad which was really tasty. Then we had a wander round  the new area and took a couple of photos.

harambe-market-1 harambe-marketWe’ve got Memory Maker included in our park tickets so were looking out for Photopass photographers. We had a couple of pics taken today but will be looking out for more later in the holiday. Might as well make the most of it.

The first pics were taken outside the Lion King show and I loved that they added the extra bits to this one.

The next one was on the way out. Note I’m wearing my Birthday Badge. Stephen made me!

0211After a rest back at the Beach Club we set off for Kidani Villas for our meal. As you can’t get a bus direct to another resort, we took the boat to Hollywood Studios and the bus from there.

Sanaa was as amazing as ever. Stephen had let them know it was my birthday and requested a seat next to the window, which we got. While we were eating we got some great views of an African crane who was peering in at the diners, a young giraffe, some ankole cattle and a zebra who also came to see what we were doing. I had to wonder who was watching who at one point 🙂

We skipped a starter as we thought we’d probably want a dessert and wouldn’t have room for three courses. For the entrée I had the Fragrant Duck – Garam Masala-brushed Duck Breast with spiced Confit, Baby Root Vegetables, and Five-Grain Pilaf with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds. Every mouthful was delicious and I cleared my plate.

duckStephen had Traditional Sosatie – Braai Lamb with Apricots, Squash, Cashews, and Goat Cheese. He thoroughly enjoyed it and cleared his plate too.

sosatieTo drink, Stephen had a couple of beers while I had a sparkling no-jito. It’s like a mojito, but without the alcohol and is really refreshing. Also pretty!


The dessert menu at Sanaa is yummy. It’s so hard to choose which to have so I didn’t. I had the dessert trio and it was amazing. I had it last time we were here but the desserts change regularly so this was a different selection. I had Afrika Povu, Lemon Lychee Tart, and Strawberry Kulfi. They were all delicious but that tart was absolutely melt in the mouth.

dessert-trioStephen had the Afrika Povu – Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse, Madagascar Vanilla Rum Caramel, Kenyan Coffee, and Kalahari Desert Salt. He had an edible flower and a dark chocolate butterfly. It had a really intense coffee flavour and he was close to licking his plate to get the last little bit.

povuI had a cappuccino with an African twist to finish. Best birthday meal EVER.

We had a quick look at the animals from the overlook and and then got the bus to Disney Springs. I can’t wait to explore that fully in daylight as it’s completely changed from our last visit and looks amazing. This time we just made a beeline for the World of Disney to get my birthday present.

pandoraThere is a Pandora shop in Disney Springs but I knew I’d get 20% discount at World of Disney with my DVC card. I’ll show you the bracelet once I’ve popped my charms on it.

We headed back to the Beach Club and settled down for an early night. Stephen loves that huge tv in the bedroom. I think he’s getting ideas about having one at home. I’m thinking the reason it’s so big is that if you turned it on its side, you could sleep on it, so adding an extra bed to the room LOL




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  1. happy birthday ^^


  2. Sounds like a lovely birthday


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