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Disney – day two

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Places – Epcot.
Restaurants – L’Artisan des glaces
Steps – 13,171

Today’s plan was early entry to Epcot, a rest back at the Beach Club and the Magic Kingdom in the evening. Early entry was a no go. My back wasn’t as bad as yesterday but I still wasn’t up for rushing about. Instead we relaxed for a few hours and then took a stroll round the World Showcase to stretch our legs.

First stop was L’Artisan des Glaces in France as we both fancied some ice-cream. I had a scoop of white chocolate & coconut with one of coffee. Very nice. Stephen had one of those pressed brioche buns. I think the ice-cream was peanut butter & raspberry, or something like that. He enjoyed it.

Stephen needed a rest when we got down to Future World so we investigated the DVC members lounge and had a quiet sit down and a drink in there. It’s really nice. There’s complimentary soda & coffee, wi-fi and charging stations.

When he was feeling up to it, we walked over to the festival centre to pick up our Food & Wine passports so that we can plan where we want to snack for the next few days.

We spotted a couple of photographers on the way around. I rather liked this photo.

remyI love when they tell you to look surprised and then add a character onto your hand. We haven’t had this one before. It’s usually Tinkerbell.

We very slowly made our way back to the Beach Club for Stephen to have a nap, and for me to have a little read while doing some laundry. I also munched some popcorn 😉

When it was time to go out for our FastPasses at the Magic Kingdom, Stephen’s knee was too achy to walk on so we’ve had a lazy evening just chilling. Stephen’s been watching TV and I’ve just finished my book. We had dinner from the Beach Club marketplace. We shared a freshly made pepperoni flatbread and a beef sub. There may also have been cake 🙂

So, not the most exciting day but it was relaxing and we’ve enjoyed ourselves. Tomorrow’s plan calls for a relaxing morning before going out to play. I’m pretty sure we can manage the first part of that. Fingers crossed that we’re up to the rest of it.




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