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Disney – day three

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Places – Epcot.
Steps – 14,546.

Food & Wine festival:

Carole – Grilled sweet & spicy bush berry shrimp with pineapple, pepper, onion & snap peas
Stephen – Grilled lamb chop with mint pesto and potato crunchies

Carole – Beijing roasted duck in a steamed bun with hoisin sauce
Stephen – Black pepper shrimp with garlic noodles

We’ve been a bit more active today. My back is definitely improving and Stephen’s legs aren’t too bad as long as he’s careful. We had another lazy morning, this one scheduled, and went out at about 10am. We headed for Epcot and walked down through the World Showcase to Future World. We were much too early for our first FastPass of the day so went on the Nemo ride before popping up to the DVC lounge.

I really like it in there. There’s a great view from the windows and it’s nice to get out of the sun for a while and have a drink and relax. I had a coffee from the fancy machine and Stephen had a Coke zero. While we were sitting down, and looking at the photos that the cat sitters had just sent, the snack trolley came round. They had various crisps on there plus some little cookies, which were very nice indeed.

On the way out of the lounge we spotted a photo booth so went in for a laugh. I love the results. You get the choice of purchasing prints on the spot or getting them uploaded to your Photopass account, which is what we did.

Of the four photos, this one was our favourite.

photobooth2This is the full strip with our chosen theme of Nemo.

photobooth1Brilliant fun. You’re supposed to look at the camera, but we were tending to look at the screen that showed the preview, so that’s why we’re mostly looking up.

Finally it was time for our FastPass, which was for Soarin. This is the first time we’ve seen it since they made the new film so I was looking forward to it even more than usual. I really liked the new version. We’ll definitely be going back for another ride.

We had some time spare before our second FP so got a couple of photos taken. One of them was another animated one.

Next stop was Mission Space and then back up to the World Showcase to get a couple of snacks from the Food & Wine festival stands.

We also got more photos.

It was this big!


We then walked back down and went on Spaceship Earth. When we came off that, Stephen was starting to struggle a bit so we came back to the Beach Club for a rest. We came via the shop and picked up another of those pepperoni flatbreads to share plus some parfait and fruit for later.

You may have noticed that practically all the photos are by Photopass photographers. We have our phones with us, and even had the cameras on Wednesday & Thursday, but we’re getting a bit lazy and have been getting someone to do it for us.

And look, that rat made an appearance again LOL




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