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Disney – day four

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Places – Epcot & Animal Kingdom.
Restaurants – Restaurantosaurus.
Steps – 16,916.

Food & Wine festival:

Brazil – Crispy pork belly with black beans & tomato

Hawaii – Kalua pork slider with sweet & sour pineapple chutney & spicy mayonnaise

We were both feeling a bit more lively this morning and made it out by 11am. We took a very slow stroll down through Epcot, taking in a couple of snacks from the Food & Wine festival on the way.

brazilWe made our way out of Epcot and got the bus to Animal Kingdom. We spent some time wandering round, looking at the animals before using our first FastPass for Expedition Everest. That ride is so much fun!


Before using our second FP, we popped into Restaurantosaurus for something to eat. There are loads of places in Animal Kingdom with more adventurous and interesting items on the menu, but we didn’t have much time and it was handy. Stephen’s chicken burger and my chicken bites were very good though and it was nice to have fries for a change.

We finished just in time for our FP, which was at Nemo, the musical. I love, love, love that show. It’s so clever and beautifully done. The music is brilliant. We may have to see it again this trip.

We found a photographer that was clearly really enjoying his job. Everyone got several photos taken in different poses and he was definitely having fun. He took loads of us, including a couple of magic shots, some with a frame and some where he got us to pull faces.

tree face ak pascal

Next we strolled over to Africa and got coffee from Kusafiri while we waited for the time for our last FP for the Safari. There was music playing nearby which had everyone’s toes tapping.

Once we’d scanned in for our Safari, I used the app to quickly get FP number 4 and managed to get one more for the Safari.

As it was a bit cooler, and approaching dusk for our safaris, the animals were really active. We saw one of the cheetahs walking around, there were giraffes everywhere, including one right by the road and one that crossed in front of us. We had to stop for that one and we had to laugh when the driver told it to use the zebra crossing next time 🙂

We saw the Elephants, a hyena and the lions. The lion was walking about looking quite fierce and we saw both lionesses being active too. One was right at the top of their rocks.

elephant lionessWe didn’t get any photo from the second safari as the light was too low and combined with the constant movement of the truck made any photos blurry. It was great to see so many active animals though. It has a different feel so late in the day.

Stephen was flagging by this point so we made our way out. There was some pretty lighting in the Tree of life and it was lovely seeing all the lights around the park.

We’re currently eating chocolate popcorn while binge-watching The Big Bang Theory. We really know how to live it up, eh?


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  1. Love the photo of Stephen trying to give you a quick snoggeroonie! Priceless chuck xxx

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