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Disney – day five

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Places – Hollywood Studios & Disney Springs.
Restaurants – B. B. Wolf’s sausage co.
Steps – 14,891.

Our plan today was to do early entry to Hollywood Studios but once again we were creaky and achy so didn’t get there until after park opening. We did make it for our first FP, which was for Toy Story Mania, and was brilliant fun.

We had a while before FP #2 so sat on the balcony of Starbucks and had coffee. While we were there, a parade of Stormtroopers went past. Not something you see every day…

My back was getting quite painful at this point and I was also getting queasy so we decided against going on Tower of Terror and popped back to the Beach Club to rest. Probably the shortest visit to a park we’ve ever made, but at least we got on TSM.

At lunchtime we headed back out as I was feeling much better. We got the bus to Disney Springs as there was a film we both fancied seeing and we rarely get to the cinema at home. We bought out tickets and then went in search of lunch. We looked at a few places and finally settled on a new place, B. B. Wolf’s Sausage co. It’s just a stall but the food was tasty and just what we fancied.

It was cooler today with the weather being more like what we’d expect in November. There was a breeze, the temps were in the high seventies and there were a couple of very light sprinkles of rain. Very pleasant. Mostly the temps have been around 81 – 84 and very sunny.

We paid a visit to Basin to pick up some bath bombs and we popped into Ghirardelli to get some choccies to snack on in the cinema and a coffee to drink on the way back over there.

The film we saw was Doctor Strange and we both really enjoyed it. The effects were stunning and I loved the humour in the film.

On the way back we popped over to the Boardwalk bakery to get subs and dessert for our dinner, which we ate while watching more Big Bang Theory.


Tomorrow we pick up a car for our second week.


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