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Disney – day six

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Places – Epcot & Hollywood Studios.
Restaurants – Sweet tomatoes.
Steps – 16,130.

We spent this morning in Epcot. We didn’t do a great deal. We used our FastPasses on Soarin (still brilliant), Disney & Pixar short film festival (excellent) and Living with the land. My back isn’t too bad now as long as I keep moving. Standing in queues isn’t very good for it so we’ve tried not to do that.

We had a sit down outside for a while in Epcot, mostly messaging back and forth with home as the heating isn’t working and I can’t figure out why. We have HIVE and the app is telling me that the heating is working fine but the house is cold and we have a red light on the hub. I do have a couple of ideas and hopefully someone will be able to take a look at that tomorrow.

I did take a photo in between messages. I love that water feature and especially watching people get caught out by the dancing water.

dancing-waterIt was slightly cloudy today with a breeze so very pleasant.

When we left Epcot we headed to the Dolphin to pick up our hire car. We’d ordered our usual 4 door economy, aka the cheapest one they do. It’s fine for two of us and they often have to give us a free upgrade as they don’t carry many. We did indeed get an upgrade today, and a slightly better one than we’ve had before as we have a SUV. It’s a Jeep Patriot and is very comfy inside although a bit of a beast on the outside.

jeep1We took it shopping this afternoon, calling in at Publix for a few groceries. We also went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

sweet-tomsIt’s one of our favourite places to eat in Orlando and we came out very full of lovely salad and other goodies.

After that it was back to the Beach Club so Stephen could rest his leg. At 6pm we took the car to Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic. It’s only round the corner so we were there in plenty of time. We know there’s a mad scramble to get the bus or boat back afterwards though so thought we’d be much better off driving.

We hadn’t seen Fantasmic for a few years as we always run out of time to squeeze it in. I’m glad we saw it this time as after a while, you forget how good it is.

We’re going out for breakfast in the morning so are looking forward to that 🙂


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