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Disney – day eight

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Places – Magic Kingdom.
Restaurants – Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.
Steps – 12,265.

After another really slow start to the day, we made it to the Magic Kingdom for lunch. We went to Pecos Bill as we both fancied Tex-Mex.

I had Nachos followed by churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

nachosStephen had the Southwest burger with pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

burgerI love the condiment bars there with all the extra goodies such as cheese, salsa, guacamole & pickle.

The Magic Kingdom was absolutely heaving. I’ve rarely seen it so busy. There was no way we were going to join any of the 60+ minute queues so we went for a ride round on the train as we haven’t done that for ages. There’s a nice view over the lake from the Main Street station.

boatAfter that we headed for Seven dwarfs Mine Train where we had a FastPass. The Standby queue had been 230 minutes long when we’d passed it earlier (insanity, if you ask me) but was down to 40 minutes by the time we went back. The FastPass queue looked a bit long as it was out of the gate and round the corner but it moved quite quickly and we were soon whizzing our way around – and on the very front row.

7dmt2 7dmt1We then walked round to the TTA but the queue was massive so gave that a miss. Stephen’s legs were aching again by now and as we had an hour before our next FastPass and no chance of getting on anything else without battling through crowds and waiting in long lines, we gave up and came back. I was feeling a bit rough with this cold too so we’re having another lazy evening with Big Bang and beer and maybe some maltesers.

Packing in the morning as we’re leaving the Beach Club.


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