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Disney – day nine

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Places – Animal Kingdom.
Restaurants – Mara.
Steps – 15,211.

Today we packed up and left the Beach Club Villas and drove down the road to our new home, Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas. We got here just after 11am, checked in and as our room wasn’t ready yet, we went and had a drink by the pool. We didn’t have to wait long before I got the email to say we could access our room and we went straight up.

We’re on Zebra trail, which is where we were last time, but we’re a bit further round and have a lovely view from our balcony. Down below is the watering hole and in the distance we can see Animal Kingdom.

viewWe can see a huge crane that’s building the new Avatar land. We can see the floating islands and they look really impressive. Hopefully that’ll all be open next time we come.

Our villa is quite different to the one at the Beach Club. The decor is beautiful and we have a lovely big balcony instead of two tiny ones. There’s one bathroom instead two but I prefer having a shower over the bath so that’s fine.

I took a few photos…

living-room bedroom2 bedroom1 bathroomAfter unpacking, we had lunch at the Mara. I had a braai chicken flatbread – yummy, and Stephen had the corned beef sandwich.

Next we got the car and headed for Animal Kingdom as we had FastPasses. First we went on Expedition Everest, then Primeval Whirl and finally Safari. The Safari was brilliant. It was just getting dark and the animals were really active again. It’s definitely a good time to see them.

We saw the hyenas again but they were running about this time so we got a really good look at them. There were loads of animals out on the grasslands area and we got a great look at the cheetahs. I took some video of the cheetahs and lions. It’s quite bouncy due to the movement of the truck but I may upload it if I get time.

We also had a few photos taken.

everestWe picked up a few supplies from the Mara on the way back and had dinner in front of the TV, watching The Big Bang Theory as usual. No beer tonight as Stephen dropped the last two bottles 😦




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One thought on “Disney – day nine

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!


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