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Disney – day ten

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Places – Magic Kingdom.
Restaurants – Pinocchio Village Haus & Red Lobster.
Steps – 15,178 .

This morning we went to the Magic Kingdom. We had intended to get there for Extra Morning hours but umm, didn’t check what time the park opened and therefore didn’t realise that the normal time was 8am and we needed to get there for 7am. We found out while we were getting ready to go out. I could have kicked myself for not checking sooner but we both assumed it would be 9am with the early entry being 8am.

Ah well, we got there for just after 8am and it was still fairly quiet. There was some holiday filming going on down Main Street and a lot of people were waiting for that so we had nice short waits for Buzz Lightyear. We actually managed to go on it four times in an hour before the wait times got too long.

The first time we were just practising, both for the photo and the scores. After that I was scoring high and managed Space Ace twice. Obviously I beat Stephen 😉

Next we had a nice ride round on the TTA before strolling over to the 7 dwarfs mine train for our first FastPass.

We’d gone out without breakfast as we weren’t hungry and were in a hurry. By the time we came off 7 dwarfs it was getting on for 11am so we had a very early lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus. I had the chicken parmesan sandwich with fries and Stephen had the chicken nuggets with fries. Both were good.

It was almost time for our next FastPass by the time we’d finished so we strolled over to Adventureland and took a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. I still love the Johnny Depp additions to that. We were right at the front so had an excellent view and got slightly splashed at the (small) drop.

Next was Jungle Cruise, our last FastPass. This was renamed to Jingle Cruise for the festive season and had been re-themed with all new corny jokes. Our skipper kept up a non-stop patter of jokes and was brilliant.

At this point the park was once again heaving and we’d done quite a lot so we came back via Publix for groceries and are currently (4pm) are sitting on the balcony watching the animals.

At the moment I can see:

2 x Somali Ass
6 x Impala
3 x Ankole Cattle
1 x Addax
1 x Scimitar-horned Oryx
1 x Giraffe
Many waterfowl and other birds.



Somali Wild Ass

Somali Wild Ass

Great entertainment!

I mentioned before that we could see a bit of Animal Kingdom from our balcony. I’m looking over there now and can see the tip of Everest, a huge yellow crane and floating islands that will be part of the new Avatar land.

avatarThey look pretty good.

Right, my laundry is nearly finished and we’re getting peckish. Time to investigate some dinner soon, methinks.

10pm: We’ve just got back from Red Lobster and are feeling nicely full. We’re chilling with some beer (Amber Bock) now that we’ve restocked.

We’d never been to Red Lobster before. We’ve been meaning to for years but never quite got around to it. We really enjoyed our meal. Stephen had Wood-grilled peppercorn sirloin with shrimp.

steakI had endless shrimp. I started off with Parmesan peppercorn shrimp. That came with a lemon aioli dipping sauce which was yummy. I also had the scampi which was swimming in a garlic butter sauce. Amazing!

shrimpI had room for more after eating that so finished off with the Korean BBQ shrimp, which was tasty with a fair bit of heat.

We’ll definitely be adding that to our list of to-do restaurants.



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One thought on “Disney – day ten

  1. All these lie ins and late starts. You’d think you were on vacation!

    Sounds like another liovely day. I like the way you are dipping in and out of the parks

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