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Disney – day twelve

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Places – Animal Kingdom.
Restaurants – Boma & Perkins.
Steps – 12,960.

Great start to the day with a leisurely breakfast at Boma. We hadn’t booked anything there, which is unusual for us as we always have at least one meal there. We were planning to go to Sweet Tomatoes but we were looking at the rest of our plans yesterday and made an impulse decision to do Boma instead. Five minutes later it was booked, via the app.

We were booked in for 9.20 to give us plenty of time to work up an appetite for the fabulous buffet. So many different foods to try. We love the selection there.

This was my first plateful, with my glass of jungle juice (passion fruit, guava & orange).

breakfastI had oak-grilled tomatoes and asparagus, pap & chakalaka, turkey bobotie and corned beef hash and some freshly carved ham. All yummy. I love trying the African style foods.

Next I went for fruit and pastries.

dessertThe pastries are a cranberry/nut muffin, cinnamon swirl and an apple-filled pastry. The fruit is watermelon rind salad plus some melon.

The watermelon was so amazing that I had seconds. It tasted as if it was soaked in a ginger syrup. Mmmmm.

Stephen had a big plateful of savoury foods followed by a few pastries. We were both quite full afterwards so went back to our lovely rooms to check out the view from our balcony and watch the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The race went on for longer than anticipated due to the rain so we were later going out than planned. We had FastPasses at Animal Kingdom but managed to just miss the first one. Not a problem as we’ve been on Everest a couple of times already. We had time to do It’s tough to be a bug though and a couple of trips on the safari, one of which was the new night-time safari.

We took photos on the safari, as much as we could given that it was low light, and also round the park. These are some of my favourites.

elephant gorilla gorilla1 hyena lion1 lion2 lion3 macaw1macaw2 zebraWe stayed in the park almost until closing and on the way out saw the amazing light show on the Tree of life. That was so clever!

We fancied something nice for dinner so headed to Perkins. Stephen had a turkey dinner and I had some rather nice pancakes with bacon & eggs. I forgot to take photos though.

Last full day tomorrow and we’re hoping to make extra magic hours for the first time this year 😉



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