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CAL – Last dance on the beach #14


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs. As I’m struggling to find time to do any cross stitch, plus keep up with all the crochet that I’m doing, I’m going to use these posts for the Last Dance on the beach blankets. That’ll make sure that I finish them, and then I can get back to some stitching.

Last time I said that I was hoping to complete the squares for the Rain blanket, and I’m doing a wee happy dance because I’ve done just that.

rain-wk12Four lovely waffley squares for week twelve making a total of 48 squares altogether.

rain-12-weeksI’m itching to do the joins on them now but I also really want to finish the Stars squares too. Decisions…

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:

 Kathy MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherine,  Wendy

Not everyone does an update each time, but their blogs are always worth a visit.


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25 thoughts on “CAL – Last dance on the beach #14

  1. Your blanket is looking beautiful, before you know it you’ll be finished 😀


  2. Love all the different squares, I must get on and finish my ripple blanket!


  3. Wow that looks fantastic! I love your waffle effects. So clever.


  4. I think the waffles are my favourite squares so far. I don’t envy you having to join them all together.


    • I love the waffles too. Those and the corner to corner squares. I’m doing those again for the Stars blanket. I’m quite looking forward to the joining as it’s a crochet join. It’s the border that I’m not looking forward to so much. It’ll take ages to go round!

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  5. Those colors do capture rain perfectly, Carole! It will be a great looking blanket with the mix of color and texture. Your crocheting is so even and well done! And, I started reading a bit of Shift yesterday…I had to stop because I was afraid I’d get too involved and that couldn’t happen yesterday!!


  6. Love the look of this blanket with all the different stitch type and patterns, so clever. Whilst my eyes haven’t been up to stitching I have started a crotchet ripple blanket – its been over 20 years since I did more than the odd granny square, so its been quite a challenge getting an even tension but I can see the improvement as it grows, and as its only for me it doesn’t really matter, the better it gets the better my eyes are getting so its a progress blanket lol.


  7. what a lovely sight, all those squares neatly waiting to be joined ^^


  8. I love that waffle texture, so chunky but light at the same time. You’re getting there…


  9. Congratulations! I still intend on making the stars blanket, there’s just this pesky thing called life which is keeping me occupied! I vote you do the stars squares


    • Life does get in the way of crafting quite a lot, I find. I have started the last batch of squares for Stars though and hope to have them ready for the next update 🙂


  10. I am really enjoying watching your blankets grow. I crochet but right now it is taking a back seat to my stitching.


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