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Fat bottomed bags


When I first started the Last dance on the beach CAL, I took a look around the website of the original designer. The CAL was in her memory and her website, with all its inspiration, was still up for people to enjoy. I found a pattern on there for a bag that looked so pretty that I filed it away for future use and a few months ago, decided to make two of them for birthday presents.

It wasn’t a difficult design and the instructions were clear so I felt fairly confident although it was something that I hadn’t tried before as it combined crochet and sewing with a bit of decoration.

These are some of the bits and bobs from my stash, although I changed my mind on the lining fabric before starting the bag.

blue05Obviously there was yarn as well, but I’d already started crocheting before I thought to take a photo.

First I needed to crochet a granny square. For the pink bag I did a solid square but I went with a more open square for the blue bag.

blue04Next it needed to be lined, which was a bit trickier than I’d anticipated but once I’d got my walking foot on, my sewing machine coped nicely.

blue06The next stage was to add lace. Whatever lace I wanted and as much as I wanted. I did the two bags slightly  differently to keep it interesting. This is the lace on the flat square.

blue07Once that was done it was just a case of putting some crochet on the non-lace edges and then the lacy edges, which enclosed the handles.

That made the structure of the bag so then came the really fun bit, which was adding the ribbons, beads and crocheted flowers with button centres.

blue02 blue01And the finished bag –

blue03And, this is the pink one, details first –

pink02 pink01The lining –

pink03And, the finished bag –

pink04They were fun to make and quite easy and hopefully my friends liked them 🙂




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17 thoughts on “Fat bottomed bags

  1. I missed this post. Wow!!!!


  2. Sweet bags!!! I love the purple one. Your friends will love them! They look like they can hold a lot, too. Great job!


  3. Both bags are so cute, but i like the blue one most!!!!!


  4. very pretty, excellent job 🙂


  5. Carole, these are really pretty!


  6. Those are pretty nifty!


  7. Those are absolutely adorable! I want to make one, now!


  8. Those are really cool! I love the fabric you chose for the pink bag it looks great 🙂


    • Thanks. It goes really nicely with the colours. The one that I was originally going to use with the blue bag is pretty but it didn’t look right showing through the open crochet, so I went with a plain fabric instead.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Those are gorgeous, especially the blue one! I’m sure your friends loved them, who wouldn’t be happy with such a beautiful and thoughtful gift?


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