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SAL – A whole lotta latte #4


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs and I’ve finally got back to doing some cross stitch. It was close though. I’ve spent most of the past three weeks trying to decide whether to get the other Dance on the beach blanket finished or do some cross stitch. And, if it was cross stitch, should it be a new start – something small to tempt me back, or an existing WIP?

Then I got the email from Avis letting me know that the update was due in a few days. Yikes! Where did three weeks go?

A decision needed to be made quickly if I was going to have anything to post today, which ruled out a new start, so I grabbed the cross stitch project that was most ready to go and got cracking.

This is what it looked like back in May when it last got some attention.

It’s a bit hairy. I don’t know if the black fabric just shows the cat hair more or if there’s more of it about these days. I’ve taken the lint roller to it a few times but I keep having to pick hairs out of the way as I stitch. I suspect a lot of hairs will get worked in to the design. Lets call them speciality threads, eh?

This is where I’ve got to now.

I managed to finish the top teacup and even did the backstitch on it as I’d much rather get it out of the way a bit at a time.

I haven’t made a great deal of progress, but considering how late I left it to pick it up, you can at least see what I’ve done. Hopefully there’ll be more done for the next update, especially as I’ve bribed myself by promising myself a new start on Crazy cat lady once this one is finished. (and I really, really want to stitch Crazy cat lady)

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:

 Kathy MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherine,  WendyMary MargaretTimothy

Look how many of us there are now! Do allow for people being in different time zones, so not posting all at the same time, but it’s well worth doing a bit of blog hopping to see all the lovely projects that are being worked on.


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36 thoughts on “SAL – A whole lotta latte #4

  1. Cross stitch on black is so hard – you make it look easy with your pretty work


  2. Great – any progress is better than no progress and every single stitch is one less to go. As long as you are enjoying your stitching it is not important how quickly it grows. Have fun and enjoy – main thing, then hopefully we will see the cups on the pile growing as the weeks move along.


  3. I think that black fabric just shows the hair more- that certainly seemed to be the case when I did my Frederick cross stitch!


  4. I had to laugh about the cat hair because it drives me nuts trying to pick a hair out of mine while I am working on it haha! Looks like you got quite a bit done with only a few days to work on it. Love the backstitching. Really brings it out. Nice job!


  5. It’s looking great! Having pets and them inflicting hair over everything is a problem! I try to use tape at the end of each project, but I also know that there is not much I can do about it! I’m currently as furry as our dog!


  6. I love those have stitches used in the coffee steam 🙂 and also those specialty threads, lol!


  7. This is so colorful. Nice progress. Had to laugh as I have lots of specialty fibers in my stitching also. I just figure it makes mine unique.


  8. Looking great! Don´t worry about the cat fur, my cat embroidery has real cat hair on the cats 🙂


  9. This is perfect to work on this spring, and yes, our pets love to “contribute” to every project!


  10. I think this is a gorgeous design. I’m glad you picked it up again . . . as for cat hair, I have cat hair stitched into all of my works ^^


  11. It’s definitely a good idea to be disciplined and finish a project before being tempted to start another. This one is well worth finishing. So colourful and happy.


    • I do lack discipline sometimes, but I would like a few finishes this year, so I shall try to complete this one. Then the cat one can come out to play 🙂


  12. I really like how this pops off the black fabric. Cat hair just gets everywhere!


  13. This looks awesome! And I laughed at the “specialty thread” ! My dogs like to contribute their own personal threads to my crochet projects! 😀


  14. Fantastic, great progress


  15. You know the deal: all progress is good progress, and I think you’ve made pretty good progress considering you didn’t get round to it till late in the day. I really like that top cup, wouldn’t mind a set of those!


    • You are correct and at least I did manage to make a decision on what to do next. Some of the cups in this are really quite pretty. I’m partial to the blue and brown one myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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