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Temperature blanket #5


I’ve finished another round of hexagons so time for another photo.

Plenty of Plums and some Raspberries appearing along with more of the Heather in this round. On a couple of days it was close to using the Cherry which is for the days that reach over 30ΒΊ. On those days it was a bit warm under there while I was attaching the day’s hexie. It’s going to be a lovely snuggly blanket once it’s finished.




Author: Carole

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12 thoughts on “Temperature blanket #5

  1. Love the colors you have chose. Looks so well together!


  2. So beautiful!!! Love seeing your progress on this one. Such a unique blanket. I just added a light purple row to my blanket (from April. I am a bit behind) but now I am wondering if I should have used the pink in place of the purple. I want pink, but that is for when temps get in the 90’s. Do I secretly wish it would get that hot this summer? Or do I just come to terms that I may not get pink in my blanket? LOL


    • I know what you mean. I was close to changing the temperature ranges so I could use the Cherry, but I decided to stick to the original plan in the end. Also, I’m a couple of weeks behind as some days it’s just been too hot to crochet. I’m trying to catch up by doing two hexies per day but it’s slow going.
      We’ll get there, sooner or later πŸ™‚


  3. let’s hope you get to makes more in all those fruity colours!


  4. It’s coming along beautifully and I love the natural pattern that is emerging.


  5. I’m watching two of you do these, and I am loving how they are coming out…yours in cooler colors and hers on the warm side (yarn not temps!) you will love this finished project, and what a interesting record of the year.


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