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Adventure playground – progress


We’re still landscaping the new cat enclosure and it’s taking a long time. We’ve had to remove the top layer of soil to make room for the hardcore that needs to go underneath the artificial grass. That’s pretty much done now but it still needs a bit of levelling.

We’ve had plenty of help from the cats though. They love it if one of us is outside with them especially if there’s a wheelbarrow involved.

Rosie has definitely got over being nervous about going outside. She runs up and down the ladders as much as the other two. Frodo loves to lounge on the shelves and keep an eye on what’s going on.

Sammie loves it up high too.

The shelves make a great spot to watch the birds and squirrels from as we’ve got bird feeders outside the pen.

We have had a bit of a problem with dirty cats as both Rosie and Frodo think it’s great fun to roll on the ground and Rosie has been digging for worms which she then plays with.

We’ve started to get a few grasses, ready to plant once the artificial grass is down. I’ve got them on the patio for ease of watering and the cats love to get in between them. I can’t wait until we’ve got them growing all over the garden so they can hide in them.

The enclosure was definitely worth getting. The cats love being outside and we’re happy knowing they’re safe.

Hopefully it’ll be landscaped soon it looks a bit nicer than it does at the moment.


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9 thoughts on “Adventure playground – progress

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  2. Your blog is a such an inspiration and I enjoy it very much – therefore I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and would be happy, if you accept the nomination. Head over to my blog for the details. Hope reading from you soon!


  3. Your kitties are so beautiful!!! 😀


  4. Aww!!! Such lovely kitties 😀

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  5. I love the photo of Rosie in the wheelbarrow, and photo of the three of them all sitting in a row ^^
    It’s a lovely idea having this enclosure made so they can all get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Rosie looks like she’s as big as Frodo now! or is it all fluffy fur?


    • At their last weigh-ins, Frodo was 5.3kg and Rosie was 4.8kg. Frodo is two now and that’s on the small side for a Maine Coon, but his dad is about the same weight. Rosie is very fluffy, more so than Frodo so looks bigger than she is, but having said that, she’s only one so has plenty of growing time left. (MCs will carry on growing until they’re 3 or 4). I think she’s going to overtake Frodo the way she’s going, unless Frodo has a few more decent growth spurts.
      The vet called her a chunky monkey LOL


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