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Fun in the snow


The cats loved playing in the snow last weekend. Two of them did, anyway. Sammie refused point-blank to go out in it. Frodo was outside for most of the day, with a short interlude for a wash and a snooze on my lap. Rosie was outside for a fair bit of the day although she wasn’t as keen on the snow falling on her and didn’t like the sound of the snow crunching under my wellies.

This photo was taken on Saturday before the snow really came down on the night. There was just a sprinkling so it gave them a chance to get used to the idea before playing out on the Sunday in the deeper snow.Frodo had a whale of a time. He was chasing snowflakes, helping Stephen to shake the snow off the enclosure roof and stalking Rosie. Rosie was a bit more cautious but didn’t seem to mind the snow underfoot. It was great seeing them have so much fun and it definitely wore them out as Frodo spent the evening cuddled up next to me, fast asleep, while Rosie curled up in her favourite bed on the cat tree.


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9 thoughts on “Fun in the snow

  1. Beautiful kitties! Looks like they really enjoyed themselves 😊


  2. Your catio is so inspiring!


  3. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


  4. Your outside cat playground looks amazing! You must be so pleased with it 😊


  5. looks like fun lol. I thought the enclosure had a roof, though. How come it snowed Inside?


    • The roof is made of the same mesh as the sides. It’d be too dark with anything else and impossible to keep clean with the size of it. Plus, the cats like to watch the huge pigeons that fly over 🙂


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