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Arizona CAL #01


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was starting a new CAL. I didn’t start it as soon as the first part was released as I was busy with other things but I’ve now made a start. The CAL is on the Pippin Poppycock blog and is quite gorgeous. I love the original colour palette so used that rather than one of the other ones that were suggested. Isn’t it striking?! 
I’m using Stylecraft Special DK. It’s such a soft, squishy yarn and it washes beautifully.

I’ve just finished part one, which was really interesting to do. First you make eight squares and then join them in a row. Once you’ve crocheted down the sides for a few rows, it looks like this. 
Here’s a close-up of one of the sections to give a better idea of how it looks. The bobble rows took forever but were worth it. This is going to be lovely and textured if the first part is anything to go by. Just look at how much the bobbles are raised! I’m well behind on this as part five has just been released so I’ve got plenty to do on this before I catch up. I don’t mind how long it takes though as I’m loving working on it.


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11 thoughts on “Arizona CAL #01

  1. I had to look it up, because it made me curious! must say I love the project, so beautiful!!!


  2. Oh wow! I love the colors. So rich and elegant. And I love the pattern so far! It’s gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of this CAL.


  3. It really is a lovely colour scheme and I love using special dk too


  4. a stunning colour contrast!


  5. I wasn’t comvinced aout those colours until I saw the close-up of the square! Suck an awesome gradient in there!


  6. Ooh Carole, that is really eye catching! Very modern, but those bobbles keep things fun and not too stark. It will be fun watching this develop.


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