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Tents and tunnels


The adventure playground for our cats is looking good. The grasses are coming up nicely, apart from a couple that I’m keeping an eye on, and the cats are really enjoying being able to go outside when they want.

As they’re spending so much time out there, we wanted to provide some places where they could get shade if it’s sunny, and hide in to watch the birds and squirrels.

We’ve put their Hop-in cube and tunnel out there, as it’s weather proof and they like snoozing in there. Someone in a FB maine coon group had a brilliant orange tent with tunnel, which we were all admiring, and I managed to track one down online. 

Last year we spotted a bright yellow kiddies tent in Aldi. It might not last long but it was cheap enough so we added it to the collection.We’ve just put them all outside and fastened them down and so far, the cats are loving them.Both Frodo and Sammie have stayed outside during quite heavy rain, snoozing in the tents. Rosie was in the Hop-in earlier while it was raining with just her head popping out so she could watch a huge pigeon.

Hopefully I’ll get a few pics of them playing outside in them when it’s not raining at some point. It has to stop soon, right?


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12 thoughts on “Tents and tunnels

  1. That cat enclosure looks awesome ! Looks like alot of work, but I do feel like if I had my own cats I would rather they experience the outdoors this way too cause it’s not safe for them to go roaming around freely in my opinion.

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  2. So great for your cat! They must love it!!!


  3. Lucky cats! Great idea to have artificial grass.


  4. what an amazing adventure playground for the cats!


  5. Lucky kitties. They have quite the playground there. It looks so fun that I want to come and play 🙂


  6. After all the mud last year, the grass looks wonderful. A nice place for the cats and still some nice space for you!


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