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We had lunch at Tusker House last year, partly because we did the dining package to see Rivers of light, and partly because we like the food there and it comes with characters. Obviously there were photos! When it came to scrapping them, I decided to split up the character photos as I didn’t want to leave any out and couldn’t fit them all on the same layout.

This one is a double as you can’t separate Donald & Daisy. It just wouldn’t be right. That consists of pretty much all Basic Grey. It’s getting a real hammering with this album.

Next is Goofy.Yet more Basic Grey. I have so much of it as I loved all the packs that they brought out. Some of them are getting quite depleted now though.

This one is my favourite layout from that lunch. As soon as I saw the photo, I knew what the title had to be LOL We have lots of photos taken in Animal Kingdom, and a lot of them were Photopass ones. They’re so much fun! Scrapped with Basic Grey Offbeat. Another new Photopass magic shot is the hyenas from The Lion King. We found a couple more Lion King magic shots too. More Basic Grey Offbeat.

I had a couple of random photos taken in Asia so I bunged them together to make a companion layout to the one that I did of Africa.  I’m on a mission to complete the 2017 album now as I’ll soon be taking A LOT more photos.


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2 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom scrapping

  1. Your 2017 is going to be an awesome book of memories to look back on. Such wonderful pages! I LOVE Basic Grey and have quite a bit of it stashed myself. It’s too bad Basic Grey was sold or revamped as their papers are not what they used to be. Love all the papers you used on you layouts.


    • Thanks. I’ve been doing a lot more journalling than I usually do so I’m really happy with the album. I’ve got about another 20 layouts to do and it’s finished.
      I’m chuffed that I’m getting through so much of the BG. I bought all the collection packs back when I was scrapping before. I’ll be sad when it’s all gone as it’s so easy to use, but at least I can always flick though my albums to see it.
      It’s maybe for the best that they’ve gone, as I don’t think my bank balance would cope LOL


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