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The big knit


And there are more! I downloaded some more patterns from Jo’s Big Knit and had fun making some of them. There are several crochet patterns there but mostly they’re knitted ones. I found enough crochet ones to keep me out of mischief for a while though.

I liked the pig, especially his wiggly tail. The sunhat is one of my ‘make it up as I go along ones’. I did a rabbit and a rat. I couldn’t fathom out the instructions for the rabbit’s ears so I made my own. They both have tails, one a pompom and one a long thin one. I loved the frog pattern and the octopus was fun to do as well. I may make more of them at some point. I did a few more bobble hats. They’re quick and easy and are good for using up the last bits of a ball of yarn. I’ve finally got a pompom maker so I can do matching bobbles! Then I thought I’d try the elephant pattern. I really liked that one and may have got a bit carried away. Aren’t they cute!? I may make more elephants. I’m wondering how many different colours I can make LOL

These little hats are great to keep my hands occupied while I’m watching TV and don’t take long to make. I may get back to other crochet projects at some point but at the moment I’m having far too much fun with these.


Author: Carole

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15 thoughts on “The big knit

  1. These are so cute! The little elephants are adorable!


  2. The froggy’s lil legs and feeties! 😍


  3. They are all so cute. Very hard to pick a favorite.

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  4. The elephant is my favorite too! Those are so much fun!

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  5. gosh you have been productive!

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  6. Very nice πŸ™‚ Especialyl love that elephant!

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  7. These are fab and that herd of elephants is adorable! Xx

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