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I’ve been busy crocheting little hats again and have quite a few to show you. I thought I’d do a few more simple hats, as they all raise the same amount of money, regardless of whether they take 30 mins to do or several hours.

This is the first batch that I did. I really must stop using the coloured googly eyes. The black ones look fine but the pink, yellow and green ones look quite creepy!

I saw on The Big Knit Facebook page that some people had found multi-coloured yarn at Poundland and thought it’d make a nice change to do some really brightly coloured ones. I found the yarn ok in our local store but as it was on offer at 3 for £2, I got a couple of the other colours. Then I spotted another colour that I wanted so ended up with six balls in the end LOL

There were three multi-coloured ones, a really bright one with a very short colour-change, which made a nice sun hat. (I’m thinking it’d make a nice psychedelic elephant!) There are two pastel ones with a longer colour-change. I took one of them with me to the Craft Group meeting at work and made a few bobble hats plus another elephant. The bright yarn makes lovely bobbles! Ruth brought along one that she’d made to add to my collection. Isn’t it pretty! I made another octopus. I may make more. They’re quick, easy and fun to do. I got a booklet in a crochet magazine that had patterns in to make egg cosies. They’d come out way too big if I followed the patterns exactly as they’re in 4-ply and I’m using DK, but with a bit of adapting, I managed to make a dragon. He’s a punk dragon!

I also made a unicorn. One of the Poundland yarns was a white with sparkle which screamed Unicorn at me. I used the other colour-change yarn to do his mane and tummy.

That brings the total up to 50, so halfway to my target.


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9 thoughts on “The big knit

  1. So many little hats! Well done, Carole! The elephant is still my favorite!


  2. All are so cute. And I agree about the light colored eyes, they do look a bit creepy. LOL


  3. Love them! 🙂


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