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The big knit


I’ve made another thirty hats for the Innocent Smoothies Big Knit, taking my total up to one hundred!

I’ve been concentrating on using up odd part-balls of yarn left over from blanket making so the latest batch look a bit samey.

The first ten are elephants again. I made mostly two-tone ones this time.

The next ten are a mix of different pompom hats. And so are the next ten, still using up oddments. I love that variegated yarn for making pompoms. It brightens up the more boring colour hats very nicely indeed.

So, I said I wanted to do 100 hats and I’ve got there. I’ve still got time to do more though so the aim now is to finish using all the oddments and then see how much of that pretty Poundland yarn I can get through before the deadline.


Author: Carole

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8 thoughts on “The big knit

  1. Wow! You have been busy! Congrats on reaching your goal of 100 hats. They are all darling. A great way to use up your leftover yarn bits.


  2. Cute, very well done 🙂


  3. Well done, Carole! What a great way to use up those bits of yarn!


  4. well done on reaching your goal!


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