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Scrapping with layers #1


I’m still enjoying doing scrapbooking classes as well as scraplifting whenever I see something that I love. At the moment I’m taking a break from Baltic scrapping to do some of Shimelle’s ‘layer on layer on layer’ class. Layering is one of the things that I struggle with but I’m hoping to get to grips with it and do layouts that I’m happy with.

I’ve already done a couple of the prompts and shared the layouts in other posts, but I’m cracking on and working my way through the class now and am really loving it.

I bought some of the Midnight range by Cocoa Vanilla as it’s so gorgeous. I started playing with it as soon as it was delivered and did this layout of Rosie for prompt #03. Note that the date is on it. I’ve recently been sorting out all my albums, as the layouts were ordered by type rather than date, (don’t ask, it made sense at the time). I wanted to put them in ring binder albums, instead of the post bound that I used when I first scrapped, and order them chronologically.

This is when I realised that I quite often didn’t put a date, or even a location. I have layouts that I have no idea when or where the photo was taken, mostly because I scrapped a lot of photos of flowers and didn’t see the relevance, presumably. I do now though!

I’ve got all but a few sorted now, thanks to having photos going back years on DVDs, which have now been transferred to my computer. I’m definitely going to be more aware of including information on layouts, even if it’s only written on the back.

Anyway, back to the layouts…

Prompt #04 was all about using paper stacks. I managed to use loads of really old papers for this, and before I started scrapping, I took the time to sort out all my paper scraps into a drawer so they were easier to rummage through. Before they were with the collection they belonged to so were all over the place.Prompt #05 was about repetition. I don’t love this layout but I’m happy with the technique used.Prompt #06 was about using stickers. I’m quite happy with this one and again, I enjoyed using the technique. Prompt #07 was using die cuts. I love this layout and will be using my die cuts a lot more now. Prompt #08 was stamping, which is something that I rarely do on layouts. That’s a shame as I have loads of stamps, so I was chuffed to bits to have a prompt on stamping. This is one of my favourite photos of Rosie and I love the way the layout turned out. I’ll be doing this again! Prompt #09 is where I ran into a snag. It was using doilies and I don’t have any, nor do I want to get any. I improvised and cut a piece from a sheet of lace cardstock so this turned out quite differently to the prompt but I still found it useful. There are about 30 prompts to work through so I’m going to carry on with them for a while longer before going back to the Baltic albums. I’m really enjoying doing this class!


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2 thoughts on “Scrapping with layers #1

  1. Lots of different techniques here. I loved the stamping one, what a great way to incorporate other things you have available. It really extends your range! Cute pictures, Carole, you have a lot of memories stored in a beautiful format. 🙂


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