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The big knit


I finally got around to using some of the lovely new variegated yarn from the Poundshop. It’s so pretty! And, I got eleven hats out of one ball. At one point I got a bit quackers. There are some assorted hats, some using variegated yarn, but mostly using up more oddments. I’m really pleased with the orange/blue stripey one. The problem with doing stripes when you’re working in a spiral, is that the joins look really odd. I had an idea that if I had two colours going at the same time, with both going round in a spiral, it’d look better, and it does. It was quite fiddly to do though.

Finally, I was so chuffed at getting so many hats done that I went a bit bananas… I made that up as I went along. It was easy enough, it just took a little longer than a simple hat. I liked the little stem that I put on the top and thought it could turn a frilly hat into a bellflower so I made some of those too.

I think that’s another 33 hats and the oddments bag is almost empty. Just a bit more to use up and then back onto Poundland yarns.


Author: Carole

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10 thoughts on “The big knit

  1. Well, aren’t you the clever one?!


  2. They are so cute and cheerful!
    I am having a hard time finding those colorful yarn around here. I might have to order them online.


  3. You must be so pleased to be using up all those odds and ends for a worthy cause!


  4. Very cute, all of them! Love the colors in the Poundshop yarn.


  5. they all look very nice, well done šŸ™‚


  6. you certainly had fun on this batch . . . I bet your husband is wondering what going to happen after going quackers and bananas lol


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