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The big knit


My oddments bag is now empty. The only yarn left over from other projects now is all full balls. My yarn drawers look so much tidier.

I made lots of plain hats to use up the scraps, but had a brainwave and did the bobbles with two colours, which I think looks really nice. It’s also faster to make them. I fancied making some bluebells. I’m not sure if they look like actual bluebells but they’re blue and bell shaped and I even tried making a leaf for one of them. A couple more bobble hats made their way into the photo too.

Those took my total up to 150!

I needed to use the last few oddments so I made more bobble hats. I also made a start on the remaining Poundland yarn.Next I thought I’d make a few more assorted sun hats. That brings the grand total to ummmm, 183? I’m scheduling this post a couple of weeks in advance, so I reckon I can get to 200 before the deadline, and then I can get back to some of my other crochet projects.


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “The big knit

  1. super mignons tous ces petits bonnets bravo biz


  2. well done, and excellent job 🙂


  3. No more partial skeins lying around at your house!


  4. oh wow!

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