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SAL – Cappuccino #03


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs and I’ve finished Cappuccino.

This is where I was up to last time.And this is the finished piece. That fabric looks a different colour every time I photograph it LOL

So, now I have all the coffee trio completed, I need to start looking for a suitable fabric to frame them with. I’ve got a vague idea of using something with a subtle coffee bean pattern to it. I just need to find it now πŸ˜‰

I have a ‘delicious’ new project to start so hopefully there’ll be lots of progress on that in three weeks. I’ve already prepared the fabric. Having the squares marked out was so useful on Cappuccino that I thought I’d do it again.

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:
Avis, Claire, Gun,Β Sue,Β Constanze, Christina,Β Kathy,Β Margaret,
Cindy,Β Helen,Β Linda,Β Heidi, Jackie,Β Sunny,Β Hayley,Β Megan,
Deborah,Β Clare, Mary Margaret,Β Renee,Β Jenny,Β Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon

Do allow for people being in different time zones, so not posting all at the same time, but it’s well worth doing a bit of blog hopping to see all the lovely projects that are being worked on.


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30 thoughts on “SAL – Cappuccino #03

  1. very nice, well done on your finish


  2. Congratulations on finishing “cappuccino”! I look forward to seeing how you frame the trio, and what your next delicious project is!


  3. Congrats on your finish ~ they are so wonderful ~ love them and excited to see how you frame them πŸ™‚ Sharon


  4. One Happy Dancing for you!!!! Looking forward to see the next project!


  5. You are a stitching machine at the moment! It looks lovely, and your framed ones will be such a great addition to your walls. I look forward to what is coming next!


  6. What a fantastic finish! I look forward to seeing how they all look together and to seeing your next project.


  7. Love the trio! And a new secret project sounds delightful!


  8. Congrats on the finish! It turned out lovely πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be stitching next!


  9. Yey! Another lovely finish πŸ™‚ What’s next? Ice cream maybe?


  10. Well! You have completed your sampler! Joy ! Curios for new cross-stitch! Happy Summer!


  11. Hurrah for another finish! I do hope you can find some coffee bean fabric!


  12. Happy Dance ! We’ll done on finishing the cappuccino trio ! Looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. I was wondering however, how do you grid your work, is that fishing wire?


    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      It’s a special reel of stuff specially for cross stitch, but I’m pretty sure it is in fact fishing line. I know that’s something that people have used for gridding. It just needs to be a colour that is easily seen against the fabric, so red is ideal, and something that won’t split as you don’t want it getting tangled up with the stitches. This stuff pulls out really easily at the end so is perfect. I think I’ll probably grid everything now I’ve seen how much time it saves.


  13. well that didn’t take you long!
    can’t wait to see what the next “delicious” project is going to be . . . something to do with chocolate, perhaps?


  14. Yay! Well done on your happy dance finish and I’m intrigued as to what is coming next!x


  15. Cappuccino looks great – looking forward to seeing more deliciousness appear!


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