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Scrapping with layers #2


I’ve gone back to the layering class by Shimelle and have got a few more layouts done.

The next few are techniques in using colour.

Prompt #11 – Frodo was so tiny!
Prompt #12 Prompt #13 – this one is similar to the class layout apart from me completely ignoring the colour part of the prompt as I just didn’t have photos or papers to do it. Prompt #14 – I really love this one. I didn’t have much in the way of white embellishents so I painted some chipboard and put rub ons over the paint. I love all the different textures and shades of white. I’ll definitely do something like this again.
Prompt #15 – The colour techniques part of the class are finished and now we’re onto placement. I struggled with this one more than I should have. I think it was because of trying to use up old cat-themed embellishments, but they’re not going to waste LOL

Since tidying my paper scraps, I’ve been using them a lot more, especially for layering. There are lots of old papers on the layouts in this post, but I’m particularly impressed at using a sheet of Club Scrap for the background of prompt #15. I loved Club Scrap, and getting a box of goodies every month, but it did pile up after a couple of years. I gave a lot of it away but I did keep the more useable stuff so it’s good that it’s finally seeing the inside of an album.

Last one for now is prompt #16. I quite liked this one as the placement fitted with a photo that I particularly wanted to scrap as I wanted to document my happy place.
I’m going to take a break from the class for a while now and get back to my Baltic cruise album. I’ve been writing out all the journalling in advance so that’s ready to print as I go along. Doing that saves time while I’m scrapping and makes sure that I get all the memories down. I’m going to love looking back at the cruise albums in a few years.


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4 thoughts on “Scrapping with layers #2

  1. Great pages, Carole! That white page is stunning! I love how all the different whites and prints really work with that page. I too did Club Scrap years and years ago. My boxes piled up faster than I could use them and I still have piles and piles of the old stuff. I did rejoin the club last summer. I like that they show a sneak peek of the upcoming month and I can skip it if I don’t like it. The kits don’t have as much as they used to in them, which is good. Enough to make 4 double page layouts if using the sketches. And I can always buy more if I need. It is fun to get that box of goodies in the mail, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your wonderful pages.


    • Thanks 🙂
      I think Club Scrap was better for the more prolific scrappers. I just couldn’t keep up with it and sometimes found it hard to use. There were some lovely things though. I didn’t know they were still going. Maybe if I ever use up all my old stash, I’ll take a look LOL


  2. Another great batch of scrap pages, I enjoy looking at these; I’ll never do scrapping, but I LOVE looking at others’ work!


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