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September challenge – week 1


So, the September challenge at Scraptastic inspiration is to do at least two layouts per week using the various prompts. There is a prompt for each day and I thought why not do EVERY prompt and do one layout each day of the month. I’m not sure what possessed me to think that, but so far, so good.

These are the first week’s layouts, and yes, I did need to Google ‘bubble wrap technique’ as I’d never heard of it LOL

1st – shades of one colour. Love that Paige Evans cut file. Background is a really, really old sheet of Club Scrap.

2nd – at least five layers. More really old Club Scrap for the background. I’m getting through it gradually. 3rd – Summer. Another Paige Evans cut file. It was just too perfect not to use for this prompt. 4th – Watercolours. I’m experimenting with a bit of mixed media at the moment, having found a wee stash of Twinkling H2Os that I didn’t know I had. I’m making more of a mess than anything at the moment but I’m hoping that I’ll improve with practise. The butterflies and hearts are die cut from a thicker application of the watercolours and came out brilliantly. I’m trying to look at those and not the background LOL 5th – Bubble wrap technique. This ended up really subtle but I quite like it. Maybe something I’ll try again. 6th – Design your own sketch and make it. I had fun doing this, especially designing the sketch. I made the cut file myself too.  7th – At least three wooden items. I used a Paige Evans cut file for this with the lovely Again and Again range. I just had to use that fox die-cut!

Credit for cut files:
Paige Evans Flower border
Paige Evans Summer
Paige Evans Geometric shape

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7 thoughts on “September challenge – week 1

  1. That’s a lot of scrapping, and boy are they all different, what a challenge indeed!


  2. well done for keeping up with the daily challenge . . . love the foxy page! I bet you were glad cats were indoors that day!


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