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September challenge – week 2


So, the September challenge at Scraptastic inspiration is to do at least two layouts per week using the various prompts. There is a prompt for each day and I thought why not do EVERY prompt and do one layout each day of the month. I’m still doubting my sanity with that but am also still keeping up.

These are the layouts from week 2.

8. Shaker pocket – I haven’t done one of these for a very long time and probably made harder work of it than I needed to. In hindsight, it could have done with more sequins but it’s so well sealed that there’s no way I’m opening it up to add more LOL 9. Paper folding. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this on a layout before so I found some instructions online to do a simple envelope and used that. I quite like the effect but it’s very bulky. (although not as much as the shaker pocket!) 10. Use a large shape. I’ve had a small stash of pre-cut shapes for a while so fished one out to use. 11. Autumn. Those photos from Westonbirt Arboretum last year are coming in handy for these challenges.

12. Fussy cutting. We had new garden furniture in spring and the cats seem to like it a lot. Frodo was straight on there and made himself comfy. The butterflies and hearts are fussy cut.13. Birthday. I’ve been meaning to scrap these photos for months. Frodo looks so cute in his teepee. 14. Pets. I had plenty of photos for this challenge so picked an early one of Sammie.


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4 thoughts on “September challenge – week 2

  1. Very nice pages, Carole. Thanks for sharing.


  2. These challenges sure have variety! There’s no way you will find yourself in a rut doing these. Your kitties are quite photogenic!


    • Some of the challenges have had me scratching my head but I’m determined to complete the month LOL
      My kitties have so many photos taken of them that some have to turn out ok. Plus they are beautiful cats 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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