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Foldover mini book


I do love crafting and love it when I come across something different to try. This time it’s mini books. I’ve made mini books in the past, but only very simple ones. This time I’ve found a FaceBook group with brilliant tutorials for really complex-looking books. The group is run by Cal Summers, who does the tutorials, and is called Paper Scissors Story. Everyone in the group is so friendly, supportive and talented. I’ve made a couple of mini books so far, one of which was very simply decorated and this one where I’ve used the most delicious papers from Graphic 45. The collection is Lost in Paradise which was perfect as I wanted to use it for some of my favourite photos from Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari. Cal also runs an online store – Scraplab – and she got some of the collection in for me as I’d fallen in love with it. She has a lot of Graphic 45 in her store as well as lots of other goodies and the customer service is brilliant.

This is the front of my book. I used a photo of one of the Safari signs with some fussy-cut embellishments. This is the back. I printed out strips with Jambo and Kwaherini on for the front and back covers. It’s what they say at the start and end of the Safari. I also printed the names of the animals for inside the book.

When you open it, this is what you see. There is a pocket on each side with two tags in. I’ve used the tags for general Safari photos and used two very appropriate pieces from the cut apart paper to sit on top of the pockets.

A pic of the pockets with tags partly out. The pocket pages open out to reveal this. More pocket pages on the two inside sections. The pockets are tiered and I loved how they were constructed. This is them with the tags partly out. On the outer section are waterfall pages. Again, I loved how they were constructed. It was so simple but it looks great.

This is with the waterfalls opened out. A few of my pages are slightly wonky where I haven’t scored and folded the card accurately enough but I was getting better at that as I worked. It’s not bad enough to be a problem so I’m really happy with this book. It’s a lovely reminder of one of my favourite places on the planet and I really enjoyed making it.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Foldover mini book

  1. That is a really beautiful book! The Lost Paradise line is perfect for your photos. I do love that line and have used it for some of my zoo photos as well.


  2. That really looks amazing, and you did it all with no kit! That would be such a nice thing for a very special event, like a wedding or special birthday. (for me anyway, this is far above my experience level!) I love your safari theme paper choices, it really makes it special.


    • No kit, but a really good tutorial and advance notice of the materials needed. (although Cal does supply kits too.)
      It could be used for so many things and it isn’t hard. It’s my second mini book of this type so if I can do it, I’m sure you can šŸ™‚

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