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Perpetual organiser #01


This is another mini book designed by Cal Summers from the Facebook page Paper Scissors Story. I’m trying to use existing stash for projects but the kit for this was so lovely that I couldn’t resist getting it from Scraplab. The papers are calendar themed and simply beautiful. They’re Fashion Forward by Graphic 45.

It’s a larger project than the others that I’ve done and I’m very behind on it as I’ve been unwell. I’ve just finished part two of four and wanted to post an update on it before continuing. I’m really chuffed with it so far, even if I did have to remake the cover after sticking the hinges on slightly wonky. I’m going to use the wonky cover for something else so it won’t be wasted, but as this is something that will hopefully be used for years, I want to make it as near perfect as I can.

So far, I’ve made the cover and added the hinges. I added the base pages to the hinges and decorated them. That was part one. Part two was to make the pocket pages, which insert into the base pages. The next step is to decorate those, which is underway at the moment. It’s looking really pretty.

Hopefully more pics to come soon.



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3 thoughts on “Perpetual organiser #01

  1. Beautiful and useful, this is a double win!


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