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Perpetual organiser #02


This is another mini book designed by Cal Summers from the Facebook page Paper Scissors Story. I’m trying to use existing stash for projects but the kit for this was so lovely that I couldn’t resist getting it from Scraplab. The papers are calendar themed and simply beautiful. They’re Fashion Forward by Graphic 45.

It’s finished! I’ve really enjoyed making this one. It’s such a clever design and the papers that I used are gorgeous. I’m going to use it as a wellness log which will record and encourage to hopefully promote an improvement in physical and mental health.

This is the front cover. It has a large pocket on the front with a flap that has a magnetic closure and a shaker pocket. Inside are six pages, each with a double insert. The first thing you see when you open the book is January. These pages have one large pocket which I’ve used for an insert to record daily achievements.

The page opens out to reveal three stacked pockets on the reverse of the large one. Those are being used for inserts to record daily exercise, progress with physical fitness and a migraine log. I may add more inserts as I think of more things to record but I’m happy with the ones I have so far.

I won’t show you all the flip-sides, but these are the large pocket pages for each month. I haven’t printed all the inserts yet. I can do that as I go along.

The kit came with a lovely Safimel charm that’s meant to go on the spine. Unfortunately, my mini books live on a small shelf unit above my desk and the shelves aren’t quite tall enough for the book so it’s having to lie on its side at the moment. I don’t want the charm dangling off the edge – too tempting for the cats, so I’ve left it off until I can find a solution. I’m now working on another of the organisers, using paper pads from The Works. I’m going to use it as a craft organiser. Sneak peek above 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Perpetual organiser #02

  1. Another beautiful book! Graphic 45 papers are so lovely and perfect for little books. You will enjoy adding information to that book.


  2. That would motivate anyone to open it and record their info! A beautiful organizer!


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