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SAL – Hooties year round minis #01


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs and after finishing Los Gatos last time, I’ve started stitching on Hooties again. My original plan to do one Hootie per month fell by the wayside when I was unable to stitch with the arthritis in my hand, so I’ll just carry on with it and finish it when I can.

I haven’t done much to it this time, but at least the border is done for the next two Hooties so it’s a tiny bit of progress.

2021-07-24 14.11.37

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs.

Avis, Claire, GunConstanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, CindyHeidi, Jackie, SunnyMegan, DeborahMary Margaret, ReneeCarmelaSharon, Daisy, Anne, AJ, Jenny, Laura, Cathie, Linda, Helen

Do allow for people being in different time zones, so not posting all at the same time, but it’s well worth doing a bit of blog hopping to see all the lovely projects that are being worked on.


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22 thoughts on “SAL – Hooties year round minis #01

  1. What cute little owls!


  2. You be gentle with those hands! The hoodies really are adorable, and small, so that should allow you progress while still being kind to those hands!


  3. Those owls, they are so cute!


  4. Any progress – etc. I am sure you have heard it many times but its true and I think most of us have only made a very small amount this time round. xx


  5. They are so cute!


  6. That’s a great project for the SAL. Now, let me guess, March has a daffodil or spring flower?


  7. Adorable hooties! They look very similar to the one of the new projects I purchased. Sorry about the arthritis flair – up it settles down soon for you.


  8. this looks like a nice project to work on in very short stints. Rest those hands!!!!


  9. I think you’ve managed pretty well considering ! This is a lovely design and looking very neat and cute. I hope you can take your time so your hand doesn’t hurt too much. Take care !


  10. That fine stitching and holding the work can take it out of our hands. Doing what you can, when you can is a sensible idea, Carole. Meanwhile we can just enjoy the very cute owls you have done.


  11. I am glad that you have picked up hooties again. I like those cute owls. I hope your arthritis doesn’t flare up too much again. I have been wearing a brace almost non-stop now when stitching and working on the computer to keep mine at bay.


    • I’ve had to buy another pair of compression gloves so I can wash one/wear one as I’m using them pretty much constantly now. Must remember to take them off before washing up next time though LOL
      Hope your brace is doing the trick 🙂


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