A slight obsession with books

Crafts, cats and books


I’m Carole and I live with my husband Stephen and our three cats in the UK. I read a lot, do several crafts and love all things sci-fi/fantasy.

Our cats feature a lot on the blog, in scrapbook layouts, so here’s a brief introduction to them.

Sammie the cat is a Bengal cross, with all the personality of a full Bengal. She was born in August 2014 and came to live with us in November 2014. She can be a bit shy sometimes, especially with visitors but can also be very fussy and affectionate. She’s very playful and loves a game of catch the feather.


Sammie at 8 months

In May 2015 another kitten came to live with us. His name is Frodo, he’s a Maine Coon and he was born in February 2015. We bought him from Cancoonz Maine Coons. He’s a red tabby and is a gentle soul. He’s affectionate and playful and will go to the toy drawer and indicate that he wants us to play with him.


Frodo at 3 months

Rosie is the latest addition to the family. She was born in March 2016 and came to live with us in June 2016. She came to us from Maineline Maine Coons. She’s a typical naughty tortie, but is so affectionate and funny that you can forgive her anything.

Rosie at three months

Rosie at three months


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  1. I like the months of the year with the houses…..I saved these on hold on pininterest. Is there any way to get ot locate the color charts with floss colors needed for each month??????


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