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Frodo’s favourite perch

My usual seat is on one of the two-seater sofas that we have in the living room. On the back of it is a large double quilt, folded up and ready to be pulled off if I need it. Frodo has claimed it for himself and loves to lie on it when I’m on the sofa too. He rarely comes on my lap now but does like to sit by me.

Frodo220616-01_b Frodo220616-02_b Frodo220616-03_b
Rosie came to join our family yesterday. She’s a bit nervous still so I haven’t taken many photos. I’ll be making up for that as soon as she’s found her feet a bit more so brace yourself 😉




We’ll be popping over to Tamworth at the weekend and will be bringing Rosie home with us. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see her again. We’re all ready for her and have everything she’ll need. I’ve cleared the bottom shelves of one of the bookcases to make space for some of her stuff.

Frodo and Sammie helped.

Cats030616-01_bWe’ve bought some of the food that Rosie is used to and have also bought her a few new toys. I know we have plenty of toys for the kitties, but I thought she should have some of her own. Also, I can’t resist buying stuff when we go to Pets at Home.

Sammie was very impressed by the stash and offered to keep an eye on it.

Sammie030616-05_b Sammie030616-02_bSince the photos were taken, an extra shelf was cleared for toys and treats.

I also wanted to make her a quilt as I did one for the other two cats, but I’ve had a few problems with that, so decided to crochet her a blanket for now and do the quilt later. I thought the blanket would be nice for her to snuggle into on the way home.

I loved doing the Waffle stitch for one of the squares in the CAL, and thought it’d make a lovely snuggly blanket. I had some soft chunky yarn in my stash that was perfect.

Rosie's blanket-01Frodo was quite interested in it while I was taking a photo, but then he’s fascinated by anything that I do and loves to help.

This is a close up of the waffle stitch so you can see how lovely and textured it is, which makes it really squishy.

Rosie's blanket -02I’m sure there’ll be more photos once Rosie is here. Many more photos…

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The sofa

After watching both cats preferring to snooze on the back of their new sofa for the past week or two, I tried turning the cushion over so the surface was the same fabric and texture as the back.

It worked.

Frodo120416-03_bBoth cats now sleep on the cushion. It seems that they just don’t like fluffy fabric. They really like their new sofa now though, and it’s plenty big enough for two if they feel like sharing.


Who is training who?

I think Frodo is training us to play with him on demand. He has lots of toys that he likes to play with but what he likes best is if we get out his Flying Frenzy. It’s a feathery toy on a string and stick that we can wave about for him to jump after and chase. Both cats love it, but recently Frodo has made us use it more and more.

First he goes and sits by the drawer where it’s kept and looks at us.

Frodo090316-08_b1Then he looks at the drawer.

Frodo090316-06_b2Then he looks at us again, to encourage us to open the drawer and get his toy out.

Frodo090316-07_b5If that doesn’t work he looks back at the drawer.

Frodo090316-03_b4Then back at us, this time trying to hypnotise us into getting the toy.

Frodo090316-02_b3Then back to the drawer.

Frodo090316-05_b6Then he tries to open it himself.


I’m pretty sure that he’s going to figure out how to get that drawer open soon.

We usually cave before he tries to get in there himself and play for at least ten minutes, maybe a bit longer. I’m sure he’d play all day if we let him.

Frodo jumps for it and chases it and pounces on it. Sammie watches for a while then sneaks round the back of the sofa and stalks it. She waits for her chance and quick as a flash, she leaps for it. Once she gets it she hangs on to it and growls, just as if she’s caught live prey. Frodo just sits down and waits for her to relinquish it and then starts jumping for it again.

So much fun!




Frodo loves to come into my craft room so he can sit on the windowsill and watch the birds, visiting cats and anything else that moves. We’ve got a lot of bird feeders out there, including one attached to the window.

Frodo200216-02_bIt also means he can keep an eye on me in case I start doing anything interesting that may need his help.

Frodo200216-01_bI was attempting to get a cat-free photo of some crochet but got sidetracked into taking a couple of photos of Frodo instead.

When I reviewed the photos later, I realised just how badly I need to get out in the garden to get it ready for the coming season. There isn’t as much to do as the last couple of years, but I need to finish emptying the raised beds, and finish moving the one that got halfway before I started my new job back in September. I also need to give the greenhouse a good clean, ready for some seed-sowing.

Now that I’m working full-time, I’m going to have to cut down on the amount of things that I grow as I just won’t have time to look after them. I’m thinking of installing some irrigation to save some time. I have all the bits in the shed from when it was set up a few years ago, so it should be doable.

Hopefully the next garden photos will look a bit less messy.


Frodo and Sam playing rollerball

The large rollerball toy has been upstairs for a while but the other day we swapped it over with the smaller one to give the cats a change. We’ve put it on the new rug and Frodo loves it even more than he did before. He plays with it for ages, diving at it, lying on it and really throwing that ball round the circuit.

I managed to catch both cats playing with it a few days ago, and it was as if they were batting the ball back and forth to each other for a while. I love to see them playing, especially when they’re playing nicely together.