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Snipped ‘n’ chipped

Rosie went to the vets recently to get spayed. While she was there they chipped her too, as it’s easier to do it while they’re under the anaesthetic. She shook off the effects of being put under really quickly and after an evening spent sprawled across my lap, she perked right up.

rosie130916-01_bOnce she started moving around, she decided that she really, really didn’t like the collar so used all four feet and just pushed it off. We hate the things and the way the cats react to them so looked for an alternative, rather than keep putting it back on her.

After doing a bit of research on Google, I sent Stephen to Asda to pick up a babygro. He had no clue where they were in the shop, or indeed what one looked like, so he asked for help. He then had a bizarre conversation which went something like this:

Stephen: Can you point me in the right direction for a babygro please?

Asda assistant: Sure, they’re over here. Is it for a boy or a girl?

Stephen: Ah, neither actually.

Asda assistant: ???

Stephen: It’s for my cat.

Asda assistant: *pause* So, is it a girl or a boy cat?

Yeah. Full marks to the Asda girl for not being thrown by that one. She also asked the cat’s name and recommended one that had flowers on, as they looked a bit like roses. Love it!

rosie140916-01_bI cut the babygro thing as recommended on the internet. I’m thinking it was too large for her though as it lasted five minutes before she took it off. I then tried a smaller one from boots but that didn’t even last five minutes.

We gave up at this point and as she didn’t seem to be licking at the wound, we didn’t bother with any more babygros or collars.

Unfortunately she must have either licked it or maybe damaged it by leaping around as when we took her back to see the vet for the stitch removal, it was quite scabby and the stitch had to be left in. The vet was keen for the collar to go back on, but knowing how much Rosie would hate that, we shelled out for the special bodysuit. In hindsight, we should have got that to start with.

rosie220916-02_bThis was much better. It only affected her ability to run and jump a little and she couldn’t get it off. I rolled it up to her front legs a few times, to give her a good brush, and it was easy to redo up afterwards. It also did the job of protecting the wound as when we took her back to the vet, it was all healed and a couple of days after that stitch came out, the bodysuit came off too.

I gave her another really good brush, which she enjoyed, (she really loves being groomed) and she spent the rest of the day giving herself a thorough wash.

We think the vet may have inserted some springs while they were operating as she seems even more bouncy than before. She ‘s full of energy and apart from a bare bit where she was shaved, is completely back to normal.



Frodo’s meds

Following Frodo’s round of tests at the referral vet, he was put onto two different medications. Both were antibiotics, one a tablet and the other one a liquid. The liquid one is the longer term one, about 40 days and should be squirted into his mouth with the syringe. He was having none of that and as he’s very strong and very determined, we were really struggling with it. Even with both of us trying to get the meds down him, and holding him in a towel to control him more easily, it didn’t work.

I didn’t want to stress him any more, and he obviously didn’t like the syringe so after checking with the vet, we’ve been adding it to his food. He needs a bit of coaxing to eat it, but I reckon part of that is him milking it a bit. I have to get on the floor with him, scoop some food onto a spoon and he’ll eat it off that as long as I’m cuddling him with the other hand. Sometimes it takes a while, but he’s getting most of the antibiotic down him that way, and with no stress. I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying all the attention.

The tablets were much easier in comparison. We knew there was no way he was going to let us put a tablet in his mouth so we got some of these.

pill pocketsThey are brilliant. The tablets are quite small, and he had two in the morning for ten days. One tablet fitted nicely into a pill pocket, which you then seal up and roll into a ball. Just to make sure, I then sprinkle a bit of ‘magic powder’ on it and roll the pill pocket in it. He just eats them and the pills go down a treat. He’s had all those now and we had no trouble at all. The pill pockets were quite expensive, but worth it for not stressing him.

The magic powder is Fortiflora which makes the food much more appetising and is also good for his stomach. I sometimes add it to his food to encourage him to take his medicine-laced Whiskas.

He’s still got quite a bit of the liquid antibiotic to take, but it’s looking encouraging. He’s almost stopped sneezing and his breathing sounds normal. He’s got a lot, and I do mean a lot more energy and is running round the house like a little dervish. Poor Sammie doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s also got a bit more mischievous, but we’re not complaining. It’s brilliant seeing him so lively and obviously feeling good.


Together again

The cats have been sharing one of the beds again.

Cats040915-03_bI’m not sure that looks quite comfy but they seemed happy enough. Stephen saw what happened this time. Sammie was asleep in there, minding her own business, when Frodo decided he’d like to share it with her. He just climbed in on top of her and wiggled round until he was in.

Cats040915-01_bI’m not sure what Sammie thought of that, but she stood for it so she can’t have been that bothered. Either that or she was too sleepy to move.


Both cats seem over Frodo’s overnight trip to the vets now. Frodo seems to be feeling much better too with less sneezing. One of the tests came back showing a bacteria that may be causing the problem so he’s having to take two different antibiotics to try to clear it. He’s even more lively and mischievous than he was before so we’re hoping that the drugs are working.



Cat scan

Frodo had to have an overnight stay at the vet last week. He’s been sneezing and snuffling a bit so has had various tests to find the problem. Our own vet took x-rays of his skull and chest when he went in to be snipped ‘n’ chipped and found nothing. He hasn’t had a temperature and a swab found no bacteria that shouldn’t be there. He’s lively and affectionate and has a good appetite.

Our vet was great and took the time to show us the x-rays on the screen, and explained what we were seeing. It was fascinating.

So, next step was to refer him to a specialist and luckily there’s a very good one not far from here. They had him in for the day, and as he had a biopsy, which bled a little, they kept him overnight to keep an eye on him. They did a CT scan, which didn’t show anything abnormal, and have done a few different tests that we’re waiting for results on.

We’re really hoping there’s something there that can be treated as it must be miserable having cold symptoms all the time. If we can’t treat it though, at least we’ll know we did everything we could to find the cause.

At the referral vet, it was a bit like being in an episode of Super Vet, which we love watching. It was also very expensive so hooray for pet insurance.

Frodo was a bit clingy when he got home and came to sit by me, getting as close as he could without actually being on my lap. He managed to wrap himself around my arm so I was immobilised for a few hours.

Frodo170915-03_bIt’s a bit tricky taking a photo of a cat when he’s got your arm trapped. Luckily Stephen was in and took a couple for me.


He must have had a vet smell about him for a few days as Sammie was quite scared of him. She really doesn’t like the vet so we think that was why she was hissing and growling at him. From a distance – she wouldn’t get too close and was very wary if he was in the same room.

She’s ok again now. They’re chasing each other round the bedroom at the moment, so I’m having to hang on to the laptop as they keep using the bed as a shortcut. They do seem to get a burst of energy just as I go to bed. Little monkeys 🙂



She was in my yarn again

I thought it was safe to do a bit of crochet as Sammie was playing quite happily on her tree. As soon as I got settled down with it though, over she came. I managed to dissuade her from chewing the yarn I was working with but then she spotted the open yarn bin and promptly jumped inside.


She had a quick game of Chase the tail in there and when I asked what she was doing, she peeked out at me.


She settled back down in there for a while and then couldn’t resist looking out to see what I was doing.


She wasn’t quite so keen on the vet on Wednesday and tried to hide inside my coat or climb over my shoulder a couple of times. She’s had her second jab now though so won’t need to visit the vet again for a few weeks when she’s put on enough weight to be spayed. She was 1.4kg for her first jab and was 1.8kg this week so she’s nearly there. The vet wants her to be at least 2kg for the operation.


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Sammie and the Kindle

Sammie does not like me doing anything that doesn’t involve her. That includes reading. She thinks it’s a great game to attack my fingers beneath the Kindle, until I give up and play with her.

If I’m really lucky, she’ll just go to sleep, sprawled half across me and half across the Kindle, so I can just about read it.


Sometimes it looks as if she’s reading it with me.


She’s very intelligent, you know.

She’s off to the vet again this afternoon, for her second injection. I wonder if she’ll voice her displeasure all the way there and back again. She does not like the car.

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First trip to the vets

Yesterday Sammie went to the vets for her first jabs. She was really good and didn’t struggle at all for the injection. She also had a health check while we were there too. She’s fine and is a healthy weight for her age and breed at abut 1.5kg. Everyone loved her there, and commented on her huge ears and cute little face.

She’s had a slight reaction to the injection, as we expected, and was really sleepy and dopey for about 18 hours. She’s perked up a bit now but isn’t quite her normal bouncy self just yet.

She did spot me getting the laptop out earlier and made straight for my lap as apparently she’s the only one allowed on it. It’s quite hard to type when there’s a cat sprawled over the trackpad.

2014-11-24 21.06.29We had a bit of a tussle over it.


Which made her turn her attention to my fingers. She has sharp teeth and claws.


Then she put her ‘adorable’ face on.


How can anyone resist that face?

She’s sleeping now, in one of her favourite perches on the back of the sofa.


I’m taking advantage of that to use the laptop before she spots it again.