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Last year I managed to complete 4 projects, one of which was the huge project – Precious Dreams, so I was chuffed to bits with that.

This year I’m doing another Hooties stitch. This one is Year round Hooties and has a Hootie for each month. I’ve decided to stitch each Hootie in its month as something to break up other projects.

After looking at everything in my stash that I had to stitch, and there’s a lot of it, I then went and bought three more charts and started one of those instead. Sigh. I do hope to finish a couple of WIPs this year as well as starting new projects, and with the SAL to keep me honest, I might even manage that.



In progress:

Los Gatos (Jardin Privé)

Hooties year round minis (PinoyStitch)

Stash list – kits

Sunflower Inn (LHN)

April Showers (CCN)

The Library (LHN)

Tigger’s Flowers

Piglet’s Flowers

Eeyore’s new friend

Pooh’s new friend

Tigger’s new friend

Piglet’s new friend

The Castle (Janlynn)
huge kit, very intimidating.

Strawberry Sampler book (Jane Greenoff)
– might change fabric to larger pieces for ease of working

Cats and Biscuits (Heritage crafts)

Anemones scissor keep

Mini Venice Bridge (Michael Powell)

Best Friends

Hello Pooh!

Tall Stories

Pooh’s Millennium Fireworks Display
(guess how long I’ve had this one)

Stash list – charts 

Koala – blackwork beasts (Jane Greenoff)

Let’s do coffee (Ursula Michael)

There is no try (Pixystitches)

Invisible Demon (Pixystitches)

The Big Bang Theory (Wee Little Stitches)

Timey Wimey (Pixystitches)

Hobbits (Pixystitches)

Buffy the vampire slayer (Wee Little Stitches)

The book was better (Nerdy Little Stitcher)
Have fabric, need to sort out threads

The Eleven Doctors (Wee Little Stitches)
Has fabric, need threads

Doctor Who Companions (Wee Little Stitches)

Zombie cross stitch
booklet with fabric and threads

Harry Potter Foes (Wee Little Stitches)

Harry Potter Friends (Wee Little Stitches)

Harry, Ron & Hermione (Wee Little Stitches)

We’ll be friends until (Nerdy Little Stitcher)

Summer Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden)

Daffodil Wood (John Clayton)

Pot of flowers (Michael Powell)

French country squirrel (JBW designs)

Happy Haunting (Plum Street Samplers)

Wise old owl (Raise the roof designs)

Not yet printed:

Patchwork Cats (Jardin Privé)

Patchwork Owls (Jardin Privé)

Pretty little Barcelona (Satsuma Designs)

Pretty little Paris (Satsuma Designs)

Pretty little London (Satsuma Designs)

Pretty little New York (Satsuma Designs)

Pretty little San Francisco (Satsuma Designs)

Pretty little Italy (Satsuma Designs)

Death before decaf (Wee Little Stitches)

Joan Elliot charts (some of the many)

Spring Fairy

Summer Fairy

Autumn Fairy

Winter Fairy

Castle Princess

Unicorn and the Maiden

Water Goddess

Fire Goddess


Sleeping beauty


Oriental collection

Abandoned projects (that may or may not get resurrected at some point)

Around the world in 80 stitches – Papillon (SAL)

Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden)

Winnie the Pooh Calendar

Song of the weather – Mabel’s Fancies (SAL)


2 thoughts on “Cross stitch

  1. Cross stitch, books and a sprinkling of cats. Could this blog get any better? 😀


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