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Reading and Fibrecrafts


I’m getting more and more interested in sewing and quilting so it looks like I need a page for finished projects. I just had a cheap and cheerful sewing machine which I originally got for sewing on scrapbooking pages and turning up the odd pair of curtains. Ok, one pair of curtains. I’ve never learned how to sew or use a machine properly.

Seeing all the beautiful things that Tree creates, made me want to learn to use my sewing machine though, so I started off gently by using some fabric to frame some cross stitch projects and then moved on to a very small quilted cushion. I sort of made that up as I went along.

Then a new quilting magazine came out and I came over all inspired as the projects looked as if I might be able to do them. I subbed to the mag and have made a start on making some of the lovely things inside the covers.

I’ve now invested in a new sewing machine so plan to start making some projects that aren’t cushions as the sofas are getting quite full now.

Finished projects


Frodo’s quilt

Snowball quilt


Gift bags for friends

Turquoisebag02b Navybag01b


Toy box for Sammie


Laptop pouch


Pinwheel Cushion


My owl apron


Starry Skies Cushion


Mug Rug #2


Mug Rug #1


Rail Fence Cushion



‘Made up as I went along’ cushion


Those fabric-framed cross stitch projects


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