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2015 reading challenge link up party – April

It’s the first Sunday of the month, so time to post an update on the books that I read for the challenge in March. I’ve managed to read another four for the challenge taking my total up to 14/53


A book by an author  you’ve never read before The Twins by Saskia Sarginson Plenty of scope for this prompt, as I had several books on my TBR shelves that would fit. I picked one that was sent to me by my friend Tree. We have very similar taste in books so I was confident that I’d enjoy it, and indeed I did. I loved the way the book was written in the present, but with flashbacks to different times in the past. To understand the events of the recent past and the present, you need to know what happened when the twins were children, and this is gradually revealed. Every time I thought I had an idea what it was, the book revealed that there was more to know. The ending was very good with the reveal being worth waiting for. My only niggle was that there was a lot of mention of current events during the flashbacks, almost as if the author were assuring us that she had indeed done her research. It wasn’t too irritating though and overall I really enjoyed the book.


A book you can finish in a day Bird box by Josh Malerman This wasn’t one that I was reading for the challenge, but when I picked it up from the library, I had to wait for Stephen to run an errand, so started reading it in the car. It was one of those that grips you from the start so I carried on reading it once I got home and finished it later that day. It’s told partly in the present and partly through flash-backs. The present covers only a few hours but is very tense. The flash-backs explain what went before. It won’t make my favourite books list, but it was gripping and enjoyable.





A book set somewhere that you’ve always wanted to visit Galina Petrovna’s three-legged dog story by Andrea Bennett This is set in Russia, which is one of the places on my bucket list, so I thought it’d do nicely for the challenge. I saw it mentioned in one of the many book emails that I get and it sounded quirky. I like to read books that are a bit different so gave it a try. It’s about an elderly woman and her three-legged dog, the woman’s friends, and the dog-catcher. It was an easy read with interesting characters and a decent story. I liked it.





A book with non-human characters The eye of Zoltar by Jasper Fforde I’ve taken the prompt to mean that some of the characters are non-human and not all, and there are several non-humans in The eye of Zoltar, such as Colin the dragon. I’ve read the first two books in this series and liked them a lot. This one was just as good and I’m hoping there’ll be another book to come. Not as good as the literary detective series by Fforde, but good fun and an enjoyable read.




Linking up to Rachel for the challenge party.