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Flower Sampler Book – Pattern darning

This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs.

I only just got this finished in time for the SAL post. I was doing the last bit of darning and the hemstitch late last night, but I really didn’t want to post an update with it not quite completed.

FSB14-01I rather like the effect of the pattern darning and it was fun to do. The left side has an assortment of things on it. There’s a vine running up the side, with a bit of darning in it. There’s a bit of cross stitch in the corner and for the foliage and some very simple darning in the flower. The centre panel has some blocks of different patterns of darning. The centre of the flower is done in Bullion knots. Not my favourite thing to do, but they didn’t come out too badly.

FSB14-03The right side is all about that large flower with several different patterns in the petals, plus a fair bit of cross stitch in the leaves and the corners. There’s a caterpillar made from another Bullion knot and a French knot. I’m rather pleased with him. I still need to attach a small charm, but needed to get it pressed first.

FSB14-02All the stitching is done on this now. I just need to sew the inside covers in place, do a bit of titivating – beads and charms, and sew the double pages in half. Then they get attached to the cover and it’s done. I’m hoping to get that lot finished for the next update in three weeks.

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Song of the Weather – April update

And yes, it’s in May, but only just in May so that’s an improvement. I  have high hopes of getting May’s done in the correct month.

I really enjoyed this one. I loved the surface stitches. Rhodes stitch is one of my favourites and once I’d figured out what I was doing, I liked doing the Portuguese border. I had some difficulty with the Bullion knots and they’re not particularly even but I’m fairly pleased with how they turned out. I think I finally got the hang of them but for a while there, I thought they were going to replace French knots as my nemesis.

04AprilThe cutting seemed to go a bit more smoothly this time as I wasn’t quite as terrified. My Double wrapped bars aren’t very even but I was having some problems getting the thread to stay tightly wound and not go all over the place. They’ll do. My Greek crosses could be better but I enjoyed doing them and now that I’ve done those, I feel fairly confident that I could do better next time.

The next one looks lovely but I’m going to do the Papillon SAL next  and leave May until the end of the month. Hopefully it won’t get left until June.