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More Rosie

I was going to post an update on the Last dance on the Beach CAL for today, but then I got an update from Wendy at Maineline Maine Coons. The kittens had their first vaccinations and vet check earlier this week and sailed through. I also got some more photos so you’re getting to see those instead of crochet 🙂

These were taken yesterday morning.

Rosie020616-02 Rosie020616-03 Rosie020616-01It looks like she was exploring and having fun with the other kittens.



A Rosie update

It won’t be much longer now until we can go over to Tamworth and bring Rosie home. You may want to brace yourself for a deluge of kitten photos once that happens. You know I won’t be able to resist.

In the meantime, here are a couple that were taken by Wendy at Maineline Maine Coons that she’s allowed me to share.

This is an older one and Rosie is about four weeks old here.

Rosie250416_bThese two are more recent, from last week and show Rosie with two of her siblings.

Rosie is the gorgeous one with the teardrop marking. (although the other two are lovely too)

Rosie260516-02_b Rosie260516-01_bI love the second one. It looks like a proper family portrait.



We’re getting another one!

We spent Sunday evening in kitten heaven, trying to choose just one from Maineline Main Coons. Wendy has house full of beautiful cats and kittens and very kindly allowed us to visit after I’d finished work as I was working all weekend.

It was really hard deciding which one to pick as they were all so beautiful but eventually we narrowed it down and chose this little girl.

Rosie080516-01-bIsn’t she adorable? We’ve decided to stick with the Hobbit theme for a name and are going with Rosie. I think that’s a splendid name for a cat.

A couple more photos.

Rosie080516-04_bRosie080516-03_bWendy has promised to keep me supplied with photos so I’ll have more to come soon and we’ll be bringing her home around the end of June hopefully.

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The sofa

After watching both cats preferring to snooze on the back of their new sofa for the past week or two, I tried turning the cushion over so the surface was the same fabric and texture as the back.

It worked.

Frodo120416-03_bBoth cats now sleep on the cushion. It seems that they just don’t like fluffy fabric. They really like their new sofa now though, and it’s plenty big enough for two if they feel like sharing.


A new sofa

We were in Costco a couple of weeks ago and spotted some lovely sofas for pets. They looked so comfy with plump, plush cushions so we bought one. We thought it’d be perfect for the cats, especially as it’s big enough for when Frodo is fully grown. We’re constantly on the lookout for oversized pet things 🙂

For now though, Sammie seems to like it best although she won’t sit on the fluffy cushion part and lounges on the back of it.

Sammie120416-03_bWe’re not sure if that’s because it gets her closer to the radiator or because she prefers the texture of the back.

Sammie120416-04_bShe’s definitely been making herself comfortable on it though so we’re hopeful that they’ll both use it once they get a bit more used to it.



Our little gymnast

Sammie has always been lively and active, and from an early age was leaping all over the house. Until recently though, she hadn’t managed to get on top of the one wall of bookcases as there wasn’t anything that she could use as a starting point, unlike the other bookcases which have their cat tree close by.

Stephen has recently moved one of the sofas round so that it’s a bit closer and she’s been sitting on the back of it looking up at the bookcases. Finally she just went for it and got up there in one go.

Sammie241215-01_bIt was still a big leap but she’s so agile that she even made the jump back down onto the sofa without needing to think about it first.

While she was up there, she found the abandoned advent calendars. We’d bought them one each but they turned their noses up at the treats in there so we put them on the top of the bookcase and forgot about them.

Sammie had a little chew of one of them and seemed to be trying to open the doors to get the treats out.

She then pushed one of them onto the floor. She seemed to find that quite amusing.



Who is training who?

I think Frodo is training us to play with him on demand. He has lots of toys that he likes to play with but what he likes best is if we get out his Flying Frenzy. It’s a feathery toy on a string and stick that we can wave about for him to jump after and chase. Both cats love it, but recently Frodo has made us use it more and more.

First he goes and sits by the drawer where it’s kept and looks at us.

Frodo090316-08_b1Then he looks at the drawer.

Frodo090316-06_b2Then he looks at us again, to encourage us to open the drawer and get his toy out.

Frodo090316-07_b5If that doesn’t work he looks back at the drawer.

Frodo090316-03_b4Then back at us, this time trying to hypnotise us into getting the toy.

Frodo090316-02_b3Then back to the drawer.

Frodo090316-05_b6Then he tries to open it himself.


I’m pretty sure that he’s going to figure out how to get that drawer open soon.

We usually cave before he tries to get in there himself and play for at least ten minutes, maybe a bit longer. I’m sure he’d play all day if we let him.

Frodo jumps for it and chases it and pounces on it. Sammie watches for a while then sneaks round the back of the sofa and stalks it. She waits for her chance and quick as a flash, she leaps for it. Once she gets it she hangs on to it and growls, just as if she’s caught live prey. Frodo just sits down and waits for her to relinquish it and then starts jumping for it again.

So much fun!




Frodo loves to come into my craft room so he can sit on the windowsill and watch the birds, visiting cats and anything else that moves. We’ve got a lot of bird feeders out there, including one attached to the window.

Frodo200216-02_bIt also means he can keep an eye on me in case I start doing anything interesting that may need his help.

Frodo200216-01_bI was attempting to get a cat-free photo of some crochet but got sidetracked into taking a couple of photos of Frodo instead.

When I reviewed the photos later, I realised just how badly I need to get out in the garden to get it ready for the coming season. There isn’t as much to do as the last couple of years, but I need to finish emptying the raised beds, and finish moving the one that got halfway before I started my new job back in September. I also need to give the greenhouse a good clean, ready for some seed-sowing.

Now that I’m working full-time, I’m going to have to cut down on the amount of things that I grow as I just won’t have time to look after them. I’m thinking of installing some irrigation to save some time. I have all the bits in the shed from when it was set up a few years ago, so it should be doable.

Hopefully the next garden photos will look a bit less messy.


My reading buddy

On my days off from work, I sometimes like to read in bed for an hour or two before getting up. Sammie loves that and usually comes for a cuddle.

sammie181015-01_bAfter she’s had enough fuss, she settles down either on my legs or snuggled up to them, and has a nap. It’s sometimes hard to concentrate on the book while she’s being so cute though.

sammie111015-02_bShe was really happy while I’ve been off work with the flu. I stayed in bed and alternately napped and read, and Sammie thought it was her birthday. She stayed with me pretty much all day and night. Frodo visited on and off during the day, and stayed with me during the night, but Sammie really made the most of it. I think she’s a bit disappointed that I’m feeling better now…