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Kitty cats & pretty paper

I’ve done a few layouts of the cats recently, so thought I’d get them uploaded before I forget. I’ve printed loads more photos of them while I was getting the ones from our cruise so I’ve got plenty more to play with if I need a change from holiday scrapping.

This one is a scraplift of one that Rachel posted on FaceBook. I saw it, loved it and rushed straight to my desk to copy it. Good job she doesn’t mind 🙂The next one is using some of the stash that I’d gathered for Shimelle’s Clear your desk class. I love this photo of Sammie on her ‘balcony’.The next one is inspired by a layout by Rachel – again. Frodo will only take so much grooming before he wants to play with the brush. This is another one of Sammie, using more of the Clear your desk stash.And finally yet another scraplift of a Rachel layout. I really love her style so I do tend to use her for inspiration quite a lot. This is another that I saw, loved and scraplifted within an hour.It uses the new Doodlebug papers that Rachel used in her Hey Little Magpie blog post for August, which caused me to do a bit of shopping 😉
I think I’ll be scraplifting a few more of those layouts at some point too.



Tents and tunnels

The adventure playground for our cats is looking good. The grasses are coming up nicely, apart from a couple that I’m keeping an eye on, and the cats are really enjoying being able to go outside when they want.

As they’re spending so much time out there, we wanted to provide some places where they could get shade if it’s sunny, and hide in to watch the birds and squirrels.

We’ve put their Hop-in cube and tunnel out there, as it’s weather proof and they like snoozing in there. Someone in a FB maine coon group had a brilliant orange tent with tunnel, which we were all admiring, and I managed to track one down online. 

Last year we spotted a bright yellow kiddies tent in Aldi. It might not last long but it was cheap enough so we added it to the collection.We’ve just put them all outside and fastened them down and so far, the cats are loving them.Both Frodo and Sammie have stayed outside during quite heavy rain, snoozing in the tents. Rosie was in the Hop-in earlier while it was raining with just her head popping out so she could watch a huge pigeon.

Hopefully I’ll get a few pics of them playing outside in them when it’s not raining at some point. It has to stop soon, right?


Fun in the snow

The cats loved playing in the snow last weekend. Two of them did, anyway. Sammie refused point-blank to go out in it. Frodo was outside for most of the day, with a short interlude for a wash and a snooze on my lap. Rosie was outside for a fair bit of the day although she wasn’t as keen on the snow falling on her and didn’t like the sound of the snow crunching under my wellies.

This photo was taken on Saturday before the snow really came down on the night. There was just a sprinkling so it gave them a chance to get used to the idea before playing out on the Sunday in the deeper snow.Frodo had a whale of a time. He was chasing snowflakes, helping Stephen to shake the snow off the enclosure roof and stalking Rosie. Rosie was a bit more cautious but didn’t seem to mind the snow underfoot. It was great seeing them have so much fun and it definitely wore them out as Frodo spent the evening cuddled up next to me, fast asleep, while Rosie curled up in her favourite bed on the cat tree.


Scrapbooking – I’m on a roll

I haven’t scrapped for a couple of years, pretty much. I hadn’t realised it had been so long until I checked when I last uploaded any layouts to my blog. It’s been frustrating, to be honest. I have so much stash and I really want to use it, but every time I tried, it just couldn’t hold my interest.

I recently saw that one of my friends had started to scrap her holiday photos, days after returning from that holiday. The layout she’d done was lovely and it made me want to play with photos and pretty paper again.

So, I pulled out some photos that I’d already got a vague plan for and scrapped them. Just like that. Previously, whenever I’d tried, I’d pushed bits of paper around for an hour and then given up. This layout came together in about 30 minutes. It just felt right.

It’s a rubbish photo, mind. I seem to have lost the knack, (if I ever had it) of photographing the layouts straight. You get the idea though.

Once I’d done that one, I wanted to do more so this one was the result. Again, it felt easy to do.

Looking at the photo of it, in hindsight maybe the photo should’ve been a bit higher, but it’s ok. More to the point, I loved doing it (and the photo of it is a bit better).

Since then I’ve pulled out the Alaska/Rockies photos and have made good progress on those. Once I’ve got a few more layouts done, I’ll post a gallery of them.



Frodo and Sam playing rollerball

The large rollerball toy has been upstairs for a while but the other day we swapped it over with the smaller one to give the cats a change. We’ve put it on the new rug and Frodo loves it even more than he did before. He plays with it for ages, diving at it, lying on it and really throwing that ball round the circuit.

I managed to catch both cats playing with it a few days ago, and it was as if they were batting the ball back and forth to each other for a while. I love to see them playing, especially when they’re playing nicely together.

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Cats, photos and scrapping

I had a massive sort out in my craft room a few months back. I found lots of things that I’d forgotten that I had and some that were lying unwanted and unused at the back of cupboards. One of the unused items was a small photo printer. It’s a dye sublimation printer which I was persuaded to buy due to its superior photo quality and because the photos would last longer without fading. As I was doing a lot of scrapbooking then, it seemed like a good buy.

It wasn’t. I just didn’t get on with it. The colours were off and getting it fixed was a nightmare. I gave up on it in the end and it migrated to the back of one of the cupboards.

When I found it, during the sort out, I thought I’d try it again and found that the print quality wasn’t too bad if you used it in standalone mode and not with a computer. Unfortunately it’s now obsolete and I can’t get any more supplies for it. I did have a fair few consumables for it though and I’ve gradually picked out and tweaked a few photos of the cats and have printed them out.

Which brings us to the point of this post. Having the photos gave me a nudge to do some scrapping and as I’d recently been admiring some layouts by Rachel, I did a couple that were vaguely inspired by her.


You may notice that there are some cat themed embellishments on there. I started collecting them years ago as I was determined to get more cats one day and knew I’d want to scrap them. I’ve got quite a stash of different ones including a whole pad of papers.

Frodo-22nov15I must try to use up the bulk of the cat stash that I have before I even venture online to look to see what else is out there now. I’m very tempted though 😉


A mat for the cats

As the cat tree is next to some of the bookcases, the cats use it as stepping stone to get even higher. We were pretty sure they’d be up there even before we got them, so we cat-proofed it. The bookcases run along one wall and round the corner, leaving a gap in the corner itself. We were worried that the cats could fall down there, either by accident or design, and as the bookcases are very securely fastened to the wall, it’d take some time to get them out again.

So, Stephen fastened a piece of board to the top of the bookcases, and covering that open corner. The cats enjoy going up there and napping, but I didn’t think it looked very comfy.

Luckily, I had a plan for that.

BookcaseMat-04The board is fastened down at the edge of the bookcase, leaving it loose along its length. It’s perfectly adequate to stop it from moving and it means that I could slide something underneath it.

I made the mat using the quilt as you go technique. I rather like that as it’s so quick and easy. Once made, I fastened elastic to the sides in three places to make straps that would slide under that board and hold it firmly in place. If it wasn’t fastened, the cats would just keep throwing it on the floor.

BookcaseMat-03Not the neatest sewing of the elastic, but it does the job.

It looks ok, and more importantly it gives a softer surface for the cats to nap on.

BookcaseMat-02I tempted Frodo up there once I’d fitted it and he seemed to approve. Since then, both cats have taken to it nicely. They do seem to like anything that I make for them 🙂