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The big knit

I’ve crocheted a few more mini hats for The Big Knit and I’m still really enjoying making them. I made a couple more sun hats. I made four more bobble hats. I’m using bought bobbles but I really wish I could find a bobble maker that makes teeny bobbles as I’d love to make them to match the stripes better. I also made some more ‘interesting’ ones 😀

One is meant to be a lion, one is a girl and one started out as an owl but then I got distracted. My friends think it looks like something out of Star Wars LOL
Hopefully someone will like it enough to buy a smoothie with it on. I’ve been accumulating bottles to display them on too. I do love smoothies so it wasn’t a hardship, mind. That lion looks more wonky the more I look at it. Maybe I should rename it as a very suntanned man with a moustache and a weird haircut LOL

That takes me up to 16. Do you think 100 is a bit too optimistic for the deadline of end of July? It’s something to aim at…



The big knit

I’ve gone miniature this last week and have been crocheting little hats for the Innocent smoothies. The idea is that you send them off and they get put onto smoothies around Oct/Nov time and every smoothie that is sold with a hat on gets 25p for Age UK.

I thought it’d be good to do something to support the charity and it sounded like a lot of fun too. Most of the patterns on the official website are knitted but there are a nice selection of crocheted ones too and once I’d done one, I was able to improvise a couple too, using the same base pattern.

First I made the sombrero from the website, and then I started with the crown of another sombrero and made it into an ear-flap hat.Next I used that same crown pattern and made a sunhat and a garden party hat.Then I went back to the official patterns and made the shark. He turned out a bit wonky, but he’s still sharky enough so he’ll do. I also made the duck hat, which is one of my favourites.Here they all are together. After checking back on the website, I spotted that they’d put up a couple more patterns and I got so excited when I saw that one of them was a crocheted unicorn. A UNICORN!! Obviously, it had to be done. He took ages and his horn is one of the fiddliest things that I’ve ever made. I love him though so it was worth it. I’ve named him George.I may do a few simple bobble hats next before doing any more. I’m thinking of trying to improvise a bear or lion after that.

Is anyone else making tiny hats for the big knit?


Arizona CAL #03

I’m still working on part three of Arizona at the moment but thought it was time for an update. I’m loving the texture of this part. This is where I’m up to at the moment but I’m hoping to finish part three soon. In between working on Arizona, I made a little holder for my tape measure. It was a kit on my crochet magazine and was a very quick make. Hopefully it’ll stop me from losing my measure again. A big jammy dodger doesn’t hide that well 😉 


Arizona CAL #02

I’ve just finished part two of the Arizona CAL and I’m really enjoying it. The pattern is interesting and there are some techniques that are new to me.

This is how it looked at the end of part one:
This is where it’s up to now. I’ve photographed it folded over a couple of times as it’s easier to see the detail.It’s difficult to see what the edges are like from the photo. It’s something that I haven’t done before and it was really fun to do. It’s a tall stitch that’s then folded over and secured with a row of double crochet. When I crochet the next row, the folded over stitches will form something that looks like a pleat.

A closer look – I loved doing that row in the red using all the different height stitches to fill in that triangle. Can’t wait to see what’s next in part three!

Design by Pippin Poppycock


Arizona CAL #01

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was starting a new CAL. I didn’t start it as soon as the first part was released as I was busy with other things but I’ve now made a start. The CAL is on the Pippin Poppycock blog and is quite gorgeous. I love the original colour palette so used that rather than one of the other ones that were suggested. Isn’t it striking?! 
I’m using Stylecraft Special DK. It’s such a soft, squishy yarn and it washes beautifully.

I’ve just finished part one, which was really interesting to do. First you make eight squares and then join them in a row. Once you’ve crocheted down the sides for a few rows, it looks like this. 
Here’s a close-up of one of the sections to give a better idea of how it looks. The bobble rows took forever but were worth it. This is going to be lovely and textured if the first part is anything to go by. Just look at how much the bobbles are raised! I’m well behind on this as part five has just been released so I’ve got plenty to do on this before I catch up. I don’t mind how long it takes though as I’m loving working on it.


Another crochet finish

I’m definitely on a roll this year. I was determined to make this the year of finishing things and so far I’m chuffed with my progress. This is the third crochet blanket to be finished.

Ok, so it didn’t turn out quite as planned but it’ll do.

This started off as a temperature blanket and would have had two more rounds to take it from Jan 1st to about mid November. I realised after a while that it was going to be too big, both for using and for the washing machine so took the decision to end it early.

When I’d finished it, I realised it looked not quite right. When I checked, three of the sides have the correct 9 hexies, one has ten and two have eight. Hmmm, no idea how that happened but if I do a hexie blanket again, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on that.

I really enjoyed doing the hexies and I like the way they look. I combined the instructions on Attic24 with the centre start from the Carousel blanket. I like the way that looks.

I loved doing join-as-you-go. It was so much quicker than having lots of pieces to sew together at the end and it encouraged me to sew in the ends as I went. It’s quite a sturdy join, considering how few places it’s attached and I like how it looks.I’ve only just got started on the new Arizona blanket, as I’ve been busy with other things, but hopefully I’ll have an update on that soon.



Another crochet finish!

It felt so good finishing the Carousel blanket that I immediately fished out the squares from the Dancing in the rain blanket and started to join them. I decided to use a more decorative join than I did for Dancing under the stars as I like how it looks on Carousel. Plus it’s a lot less fiddly and I find it faster to do.

Once the squares were joined, I cracked on and did the border, and here it is in all its finished glory.

I did have some incentive to get this finished. I posted recently that I intended to use some of my existing stash before buying any more. I had the best of intentions as I have a LOT of yarny stash, but then I saw a new CAL being advertised and I caved in and got the yarn pack for it.

In my defence, the design is gorgeous and the colours are stunning. The CAL starts next month so I’ll be posting regular updates on it. I’m sure you’ll see why I HAD to do it 😉

I’ve also spotted a CAL in Simply Crochet magazine, which I can use stash yarn for. I might just do that one too.


A crochet finish!

I’ve finally finished the Carousel blanket, thanks partly to taking it to craft club at work. I’m really chuffed as it’s such a pretty design and looks a lot more complicated than it actually was.

It’s a bit tricky to get a photo of it all but I managed by moving some furniture to make space on the floor.

It looks nice on the single bed but I think it’ll be put away for now as the cats would love it too!A few close-ups.
I didn’t have many finishes last year so I’m planning to make 2018 the year of getting things completed. I’m really happy to have the first finish just two weeks into the year. I’ve set myself the challenge of 5 crochet finishes on Ravelry, and hopefully will have several cross stitch projects joining those. No stash buying until I’ve made a considerable dent in the stuff that I already have.

Next on my list is the temperature blanket. I think that I’ll end it after the current round as I’m not loving as much as I did initially and it’s the right size now for a lap blanket.


Temperature blanket #5

I’ve finished another round of hexagons so time for another photo.

Plenty of Plums and some Raspberries appearing along with more of the Heather in this round. On a couple of days it was close to using the Cherry which is for the days that reach over 30º. On those days it was a bit warm under there while I was attaching the day’s hexie. It’s going to be a lovely snuggly blanket once it’s finished.




Temperature blanket #4

I’ve finished another round of hexagons so time for another photo. It’s getting quite large now and I love the way the colours are arranged. I can see that really warm weekend we had just before Easter and I can see the days gradually warming up with more Heather-coloured days appearing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware of the temperature changes!