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Around the World in 80 stitches – part 12

I thought I knew which three parts were going to be done next, as it seemed likely that we’d continue round from the right hand side down to the bottom. I was wrong. This part is a new shape and sits in the top right corner. It made a nice change. There were a few new stitches for me to tackle, and all were fairly easy.


The first of the new stitches was Dunstan stitch. There are five steps to it and the instructions were to do each part in a different colour. As I’m using several variegated threads, I decided to do the first three steps in one colour and just the final two steps in different colours. I quite like it.


Next was Dunedin stitch. I like this one, especially with the subtle variegation in the blue thread and the diagonal leaf stitch around it.


The other new one was Bendigo. I love how this turned out in my favourite pink variegated thread. It’s a pretty stitch and would make a nice border, although it would be time-consuming.


The stitch with the longest name was probably the quickest and easiest to do – Enclosing Interlaced stitch. I do like this one. I’ve probably done something similar before but not exactly the same.


Finally there were the Woven Wheels. I’m not sure if I like these or not. They came out ok, but it’s difficult to get them all perfectly even.


Finally, a photo of the whole thing. It’s getting quite large now.


As I finished my week one project last month, and I’m currently up to date with my SALs, I’m going to start a new stitch today. Just a small one that I’ve had in my stash for a few years. Details to follow.