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Who is training who?

I think Frodo is training us to play with him on demand. He has lots of toys that he likes to play with but what he likes best is if we get out his Flying Frenzy. It’s a feathery toy on a string and stick that we can wave about for him to jump after and chase. Both cats love it, but recently Frodo has made us use it more and more.

First he goes and sits by the drawer where it’s kept and looks at us.

Frodo090316-08_b1Then he looks at the drawer.

Frodo090316-06_b2Then he looks at us again, to encourage us to open the drawer and get his toy out.

Frodo090316-07_b5If that doesn’t work he looks back at the drawer.

Frodo090316-03_b4Then back at us, this time trying to hypnotise us into getting the toy.

Frodo090316-02_b3Then back to the drawer.

Frodo090316-05_b6Then he tries to open it himself.


I’m pretty sure that he’s going to figure out how to get that drawer open soon.

We usually cave before he tries to get in there himself and play for at least ten minutes,┬ámaybe a bit longer. I’m sure he’d play all day if we let him.

Frodo jumps for it and chases it and pounces on it. Sammie watches for a while then sneaks round the back of the sofa and stalks it. She waits for her chance and quick as a flash, she leaps for it. Once she gets it she hangs on to it and growls, just as if she’s caught live prey. Frodo just sits down and waits for her to relinquish it and then starts jumping for it again.

So much fun!