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Temperature blanket #5

I’ve finished another round of hexagons so time for another photo.

Plenty of Plums and some Raspberries appearing along with more of the Heather in this round. On a couple of days it was close to using the Cherry which is for the days that reach over 30º. On those days it was a bit warm under there while I was attaching the day’s hexie. It’s going to be a lovely snuggly blanket once it’s finished.





Temperature blanket #4

I’ve finished another round of hexagons so time for another photo. It’s getting quite large now and I love the way the colours are arranged. I can see that really warm weekend we had just before Easter and I can see the days gradually warming up with more Heather-coloured days appearing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware of the temperature changes!



Temperature blanket #2

My temperature blanket is growing nicely now. There’s still more Indigo than Violet in it, especially over the past week or so as it’s been quite chilly at times, but I’m hoping to see some more Violet this month and maybe some Heather too.

You can see the hexagonal shape of it much more now that it’s a bit bigger. I’m really pleased that I chose to go with that shape instead of trying to do a rectangle or square with the hexies.

02hexies-03It can be a bit tricky seeing where my next hexie is to go though, so I’ve got markers on each hexie of the previous round and a purple marker on the leading edge of the current round just to make sure I don’t go wrong. I may need to start using yarn scraps as markers for the next round though as I’m running out of the plastic ones.



Temperature blanket #1

My blanket is coming on nicely. I’ve managed to keep up with doing a hexie each day without any problems. I’m getting faster at doing them too. I am getting to the point where I’d quite like to use some other colours though. I was chuffed to bits on the one day in January when the temperature reached the range that I’ve allocated to Violet, but sadly that was the only one so the lone Violet hexie looks a bit lonely.

01hexiesjanIt’s about 20″ across now so is growing nicely. It looks a bit lop-sided but that’s because I’m part way through the fourth round.

Fingers crossed that we get a bit more variation in the temperatures in February. That Violet hexie would really love some company 🙂


Temperature blanket

I’ve seen the odd mention of temperature blankets recently but didn’t really know what one was. Then, one of  my friends said she was going to do one, so I looked into it.

They sound interesting. You split a temperature range into sections and select a yarn colour for each section. Then, you do a row of your blanket each day, picking the colour according to the high temperature of that day. You get a lovely random striping effect that’s designed by the year’s temperatures.

A couple more of my friends said they might do one too and I was getting more and more tempted. Bear in mind that I currently have two Last Dance blankets in progress, plus one Carousel and a Ripple. (also a secret project that I can’t talk about, Ssshhhh)

Eventually I gave in to temptation but with a twist. I thought it’d be fun to do it in hexagons, working out from the centre in a spiral. Usually the blankets are done for a full year, but I’m just going to keep going until it’s the right size. I can do a hexagon, including join-as-you-go in under 20 minutes so it’s not a big commitment.

Traditionally they’re done in a range of colours going from icy greys, through blues, greens, yellows, oranges and red to denote the changing temperature but I wanted to use the lovely Stylecraft Batik that I’m making the Carousel with. There are enough colours to do that but I was imagining one done that shaded from grey through grey-blues to purples, pinks and red so I’m just using eight colours. I’m also using the local temperature at noon each day rather than the high temperature.

These are the colours that I’ve chosen.temp-colour-rangeGraphite (below 0°)
Storm (0 – 5°)
Indigo (6 – 10°)
Violet (11 – 15°)
Heather (16 – 20°)
Plum (21 – 25°)
Raspberry (26 – 30°)
Cherry (over 30°)

I’m not anticipating using much cherry 🙂

The hexagon pattern I’m using is based on one on Attic24 Lucy’s blog. I’ve changed the centre section because I like starting circles with a finger wrap and dc.temp-01

The green stitch marker is the centre hexagon and I’m marking the edge of the last one added with a purple marker so I don’t get confused. I was overjoyed on Wednesday when the temperature managed to get high enough to use the violet as I was getting desperate to use a different colour.

I’m loving it so far. The hexies are quick and easy to do and it’s growing nicely. I’m even contemplating another one once this one is finished. I’m thinking these hexies would look lovely in two colours, one for the temperature and one for the general weather – windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny etc.