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Around the World – part four

This section consists of two smaller pieces. They both have similar stitches in them so once I’d done the first one, the second one didn’t take long. I’m getting into a rhythm of doing these now. Outline first and then the backstitch in pale green. Once that’s done, it’s easier to see where the fancy stitches go.

This stitch was one of my favourites. It’s crossed Romanian Stitch with the blue Ray Stitch on the top. It was quite fun to do although a bit fiddly. I rather like the large pink stitch too. It’s called Romanian Stitch and was a nice easy one.

This close up shows one of the butterflies that are done using Hungarian stitch. It’s a base stitch that is used to make up flowers, hearts and butterflies. There’s some Ray stitch in the dark blue and some Tied Windmill in the variegated pink/gold. I’ve done that stitch before and I really like it. It’s very easy but looks so pretty. There are some Cross stitches dotted about too. Just for a change.

In this section is my other favourite bit. The centre is made up of Hungarian stitches and is surrounded by two different forms of Romanian leaf stitch. There are also two hearts formed from Hungarian stitches.

This has flowers made from Hungarian stitches but the hearts are made from diagonal Hungarian stitches so are slightly different. They’re much tighter. There are more Tied Windmills and Ray stitches and some odd cross stitches dotted up and down the backstitch vine.

I’m not quite caught up as I have part five printed off so I’m trying to decide whether to carry on and do that next or if I should start August’s Cottage with all its pretty blues. Ho hum.