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Around the World in 80 stitches – part 11

After what seemed like a huge break we finally got part 11 of this. I’ve had it sitting on my To Do pile for a couple of weeks while I caught up with Song of the Weather but at last I’ve got it done. It only took a couple of evenings as it’s just a small section this time.

There were some stitches that I hadn’t done before and a couple of familiar ones.


As usual, I’ve taken some close-ups.

11VictoriaStitchThat one is Victoria stitch. It consists of 6 steps and uses four colours. I rather enjoyed doing it.

11VaultStitchVault stitch. Very simple and to be honest,  I can’t really see why it’s got its own name instead of being a Rhodes variation. Nice to stitch – very easy.

11JapaneseStitchJapanese stitch, which consists of just Satin stitch really. I do like the effect you get doing it in that gorgeous blue variegated thread though. Then there’s the rather uneven Lazy Daisies in the metallic. I’d be quite happy if I never saw another Lazy Daisy.

11JapaneseDarningJapanese Darning. Two steps, two colours. Easy peasy. I like the little Rhodes Berries perched on the top.

11ClosedFlyStitchClosed Fly stitch. I’ve either done this one before, or a very similar variation. I like it. It’s easy to do and looks interesting.

I thought it was about time to show another photo of the whole thing. It’s growing quite nicely now. I can see what the shape of the next three parts will be and then I can’t wait to see what we’re doing in the corners. I’m starting to wonder if there will be a border all the way around.

AtW110513Onto Around the World in 80 days next and I hope to finish it off.